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smooth transaction, great buyer. [URL]

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Mos Def x DOOM Show

I find it odd that all the most of the dates in the states got cancelled... I doubt this will happen but that's just me.

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Finally Dr.Dre Detox Leaks..well sorta


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New York Minute

French is garbage i don't credit mc's for picking dope beats. I will make a Jada only edit that is my thoughts on the track

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Official Charles Hamilton Appreciation Thread.


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Toronto's Real Feelings Towards Drake

Drake is a good artist and Toronto will never change its attitude about anything Drake is wack, Kardi is wack blah blah...

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Slaughterhouse | Album Cover

lame i used to love album covers

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need help finding champion hoodies...

Lol at American Apparel being a step up for anything.

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arabic style scarf

did i wake up three years ago today

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[Toronto] TUMF 2007

lol at people hating on a free show, not a good look for Pharoahe Monch, especially with a new album out. (It SUCKS by the way)

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smh I'm not feeling most of that, but i think that has to do more with nike putting out crap right now, those air max lights are descent though i might cop those.

2 Weeks ago in Canada

Levis Shrink to Fit 501's- New @ LOUNGE

the price is fair although you can get them for cheaper on e-bay that's what most people been doing for a while, although i don't know if there is a risk of getting fakes or not. i have a pair i got for dirt cheap stateside, like somebody said their not amazing but descent jeans.

2 Weeks ago in Canada


This crap needs to be deaded. Nobody cares about your petty beefs and airing outs. If you feel so strongly pick up the damn phone or stay out of each others threads its just pathetic. I don't even understand why there is any tension homy said he had stuff for sale, that shoulda been it whoever wants to pay whatever ridiculous price its on them. I don't even see what the real problem is, if they have the stuff for sale what's the problem, he never said gdft doesn't carry it. He said they don't have any right now didn't he? Does that justify getting jumped in your own thread? LAME.

2 Weeks ago in Canada

Goodfoot VS livestock

[Quote] Your one to talk about comments out of context. Ofcourse not every employee you meet is gonna give amazing service but point remains when there are multiple complaints made about the service provided in one particular establishment there's something up right? where theres smoke theres fire right? I know what i know, and at the end of the day i'm not here to take sides. Like i said i have definitely seen the benefits of gdft to the city but also the negativity Matt potraying right now is dragging that good name in the dirt he needs to separate business from personal issues.

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Livestock toronto.

^^wrote that in a hurry but i got my point across anyway thanks for editing my writing and to soulize i know all gdft ain't beefing with Skam but to suggest it's all love is just naive you know better.

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