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[Halloway - Join the Murder] - 2013 Discussion Thread

Instagram: [URL] email: hallowaysj@gmail.com  MUR-DER noun - A FLOCK OF CROWS. Halloway Company, a flock of truth seekers exploring different aspects of everyday life.  From the 8-5 grind of man, to the sleepless nights of the street hustle.  HW is here to share our experience of life with our peers and the next generation of American truth seekers. Influence is one of the greatest powers given to man; it has and will continue to be used to gain the respect of the people.  We are born leaders; we are born as kings of these concrete streets, we are HALLOWAY. Halloway Spring 2013 Delivery 1 [Image]

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[Halloway Murder] – 2012 Official Discussion Thread

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[Halloway] - 2011 Official Discussion Thread

SUMMER 2011 [Image]

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[Halloway] - 2010 Official Discussion Thread


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Michael Jordan in the Hall of Fame

Just thought I'd put this out there. I mean with induction today and everything. Any favorite moments? Vids? Good Articles? You can't tell me there's nothing to say on this guy. I saw this video the other day of MJ wearing a 12 jersey, thought that was pretty nuts..

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Art & Sole

Check out this event put on by SJ Fam. They got a bunch of artists together to display their work, and put some designs on some fresh kicks. The best part is that it all gets donated to kids who need shoes. The beneficiary for the event is Soles4Souls check the facebook event [URL] [Image]

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Darkside 11sec Honda Civic Hatchback

Just pics of my street/drag car. Enjoy. [Image]

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