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I think I'm finally quitting music but I wanted to do one last beat series before I stop

So I wanted to post beats everyday from a project I scrapped for a little over a month and on the 8th day I'm going to post my last musical project. I started producing because of some members on here and I just wanted to thank this forum for starting my love for producing  [Embed content]

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Chase Smith - Patterns

[Image] [URL] follow me on twitter @hustlerfordeath  long time coming with this project hope y'all enjoy

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Do you believe in Karma?

i'm hesitant on believing if karma is real because i know people that have been doing nothing but bad their entire lives and still end up succeeding and i know there's people that have done nothing but good their entire lives and ended up failing

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Cologne Suggestions

What colognes do you guys use? If there's another thread like this, I apologize.

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Keep Computer Running Smoothly (Essentials)?

What are some essential programs or tweaks to get a recently restored computer running smoothly? or to keep it running smoothly?

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Willow Smith - Summer Fling (Live Version)

so y'all gonna act like this shit isn't borderline flawless? [Embed content]

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Beat Tape: @BlackKubrick - Black Kubrick

[Image] [URL] please give my latest beat tape a listen, been working on this shit for a while & put a lot of thought into these joints, tried my best to make a movie/paint vivid pictures solely with sounds, hence the name Black Kubrick, so far the project has had no negative reviews so fwm @BlackKubrick

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my nigga released a video of a song he did, produced by me and shit @MylonMoore don't sleep you ugly

[Embed content] negroid rapping is @mylonmoore produced by me @chaseunderscore, filmed/driected by @ande800 this is his first video ever ever so his camera presents isn' really there yet so bare with us, please give us any and all feedback production wise, camera wise and rapping wise, we tryna eat soon!!!!!

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Wale – Freedom of Speech Vol. Return of 100 Miles & Running Wale

[Embed content] on his upcoming mixtape "Folarin" with Clark Kent, dropping 12/24

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Fuck The Beats Beats Beats Thread, Beat Tape Dropping 10.15.12

[Image] "10:15", drops on 10.15.12, at 10:14. Every beat that's going to be on the tape will be for sale so hmu on twitter if you're interested, @ChaseUnderscore Couple tracks I did strictly for fun and shit

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Comedians In Cars Getting Coffee

Seinfeld's new web series, about nothing. First episode featured Larry David, and the second episode features Ricky Gervais. I found the episodes to actually be entertaining

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Olympics Vol. Post The Baddest Bitches From The Olympics


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#ToonamisBackBitches smokeyface

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