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For those of you who have read Catcher in the Rye and GOOD with MUSIC

ok so i have to do this project for my English class and its on the novel The Catcher in the Rye my project is to create a mixtape (of at least 6 songs) chronicling Holden's (the main character) journey from his prep school through NYC and i also need to create an albumn cover and write a few lines about how the song relates to how holden is feeling/ what he is expressing / events/ people/ etc. the songs can be of any genre and have to be in chronological order as the story is told its going to be graded not only on the lyrics but on tempo and mood and also the instruments or none (acappella to enhance loneliness) it should basically translate the story into a musical experience and full of complexity that mirrors the novel it can be from lil wayne to lykke li or clean/dirty as long as it fits so i come to you music heads for advice on what songs to pick to do this project flawlessly also my teacher said i cant do songs like NY state of mind just cause it has nothing to do with the story except that it takes place in NY blushing thanks

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Sticky: Pick Ups: 2010 (Flame Person = Infraction)

post your pickups for 10 smokeyface

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[The Hundreds] - 2010 Official Discussion Thread


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Life changing incidents

[Quote] not my story but a heart touching one nonetheless

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IS THIS serious vol: mr hudson

blinkyeyes smh ?) [URL]

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looking for black visvans sz 9 pref but anywhere from a 9-10 is fine blushing LMK

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[FS] Closest clean out tees UPDATED SWAGGG

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[FS] cheap fitteds and snapbacks

hi guys i only take paypal shoot me offers on the hats most are worn a few times the supreme new york kings snapback is DS and the HOF new era and the white/teal mishka snapback all fitteds are 7 3/8 except the supreme flaps new era which is 7 1/2 and the navy BH fitted which is an stretch band fit [Image]

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[FS] Free shoes

[Image] *UPDATE* GRIPTAPES AND ALPHAS GONE sizes are listed all i ask is that you pay 15 for shipping a pair blushing i only take paypal please send as a gift some of em are beat while others are NDS lot have heel drag those are griptape mids in the upper right corner and the teal/white are eras purple is authentic sorry no boxes or extra laces on the shoes

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Baby by

baby by me by fiddy lowkey goes pretty hard no lie [URL]

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[FS] CHEAP HEAT YEEZYS OG JAYS 3's/11's Nike dunks and RARE VANS

UPDATE: IF YOU NEED AIR YEEZYS IN THE ZEN GRAY CW LMK I CAN HOOK IT UP FOR CHEAP hello i only take paypal add 4% of send as gift prices include shipping any questions just pm me blushing will take reasonable offers FREE SHOES HERE [URL] I ALSO NEED $$$ SO I NEED TO SELL EM ASAP SO THEY PRICED TO SELL ONTO THE SHOES used AIR JORDAN 1994 CEMENT 3's black SZ 10.5 but will fit a 9-10.5 as i put in an extra insoleblushing still have the og box and tissue paper there is some cracking in the sole/nike air but to me its still wearable as i have worn em after they cracked and its just like before it cracked you could probably fix it at a shoe repair store just minor wear and creases and has been repainted smokeyface 200$ [Image][/QUOTE]

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Rihanna and young jeezy - HARD

i finally found the song i been lookin for &) the illest part is when jeezy disses gucci mane [Quote] [URL]

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Feedback: Grizzzly

if you have ever done business with me or my other SN's please leave feedback here thanks blushing

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Remember, remember, the Fifth of November.

[Quote] [Image] smokeyface

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See what good hair does for you

[URL] blinkyeyes

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