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New York.

Dangit Dang lucky you im so jealous id love to go to New York

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Dont get them man Trust me You get extra bonus points when you stick to products that are official. But hey at the end you just got to do you. So just check around for viewers comments about the site and the feedback and if it sounds good to you then Go for it.

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Creases vs. Decreasers??

Be you JUST ENJOY THE SHOE!!! Is what i say if your a die hard shoe fan your just going to do you!

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Supras! Are they the newest trend.

I really thought when i heard about Supras coming out i was so excited it was going to be the next biggest thing but i dont really hear much talk about them like i thought i was. Especially when Terry Kennedy was out there promoting them. I was like yo that shoe is hot. SO how is Supras doing in your neck of the woods are they worth buying.

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sneaker frames (pretty freaking sweet!!!)

thats whatsup ha ha its sick but me id rather wear them, but putting shoes on a frame alittle to extreme for me. But i can see why you do it though now in days its like Urban Fashion is more like an Art form. So if putting shoes on frames makes ya happy then do ya thing!! It does look good.

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What is the most you've ever spent on shoes?

dang thats messed up lol what were they?

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What is the most you've ever spent on shoes?

lol Almost 200 on a pair and did i regret it. HECK YES!! But thats just me in general I love to make money hate to spend money but love new things. lol i got a love hate relationship with it.

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What are you watching?

Hbo What i am watching on T.V has to be my favirate show right now HOW TO MAKE IT IN AMERICA. I heard mixed reviews about it but i think the shows kind of decent. And i like it cause it relates to me of how i am trying to get into the fashion game with my own clothing line. But its good so hopefully youll should check it out some time and tell me what ya think about it.

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Your favorite toys as a child?

Legos I was a big fan of Legos. I loved those things you can make anything with them. A gun, house, ships cars anything you want! Now there freakin to advanced. People are even making jewelry out of them now and i saw an ugly hat from New Era that was made by legos lol i wouldnt wear it.

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What shops are closin in your city?

Shops closing I agree with Drifter.

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[FS] XL Shirts- Crooks, Huf, PFK, Jordan $16 each shipped

Nice Sick i like it

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The BlackBook Thread

dang thats whats up all of your art looks great i would post up but i freakin need 25 posts ugh! i hate being new. lol

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Rate my avatar

Rate your avator Sorry a low 2 lol ha ha

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