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Street Fighter x Tekken Official Discussion Thread

[Quote] lol yea i mistook Bob for Rufus at first....

2 Weeks ago in Gaming

I paid $450 for vvnds wheat highs, but one tounge was unstuffed...

I'm with focus, if you can't get your monet back, then you better rock the shyt outta those shoes

2 Weeks ago in Brands

Japan Limited Edition Lakai Telford

so everybody loves them then huh? So i guess i'm gonna have to be the one to say it then..... fine i guess i'll be the bad guy.... here we go, those shoes are so freakin....man i'm just playin, those are nice. I like Lakais, and i luv there collabos

2 Weeks ago in Japan

extremely fake adidas

Practice makes perfect i guess..... Wait a minute what am i saying, everyone boo this man! boooo!

2 Weeks ago in Adidas

300 (Added 6-Minute Clip)

if 300 is as good as sin city both visually and storyline wise, than i know i'll love it. the only thing i didn't like about sin city was the length though. but if 300 doesn't have that problem then i know it'll be a must see.

2 Weeks ago in Entertainment