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Get hold of Supreme/Bape/Obey etc. for normal prices

Hi, I have suggested a new 'Store-Run' scheme for the HB forums. It will allow us frustrated Europeans to get hold of those hard to get brands without paying stupidly high prices. Check out how it will work here hxxp://hypebeast.com/forum/showthread.php?t=154856 (replace 'hxxp' with 'http'). Let's do all we can to get the Mods to take notice of this and help us out so we can start getting those hard to get pieces of clothing without having to endlessly search forums for sellers who will ship internationally at reasonable prices!

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Official 'Store Run' thread/sub-forum

[B]Note: This is a suggestion for an official thread somewhere in the forums or a sub-forum within the Marketplace.[/B] Everybody from Europe/UK knows how frustrating it is not having (easy) access to certain stores and brands, leaving every european HB member with the only option of paying high prices for goods in the Marketplace. I'm suggesting a place where European/International HB members can 'ask/hire/recruit' American HB members to buy something for them from an American store and then ship it over. This will be different from simply buying in the Marketplace as members can build relationships and reputations as 'Store-Runners' - European/International members should express their desire to purchase certain goods which they can't easily purchase for themselves - American members should (hopefully) offer their service of going to buy the goods and ship them to the person who they agreed to buy it for. - The person receiving the item should pay extra for the troubles & shipping expenses incurred by the 'Store-Runner' - The total price payed by the person receiving the item should be negotiated and confirmed by the two members carrying out the transaction. - Whether or not the buyer pays in full before the 'Store Run' is made should be decided between the members carrying out the transaction. Once two people make one transaction it creates the opportunity for them to build a healthy and regular relationship. People can give good feedback allowing others to build themselves a good reputation for going on 'Store-Runs' making them a 'go-to' member, which could make them extra cash. [B]This will benefit everyone because buyers will be paying a fairer price for their desired goods and 'Store-Runners' will be making a profit on every item they pickup.[/B]

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Watched this the a couple days ago. It's badass... At least I think it's badass. There were a couple parts where I went crazy cause she annihilated a few people. But on the whole, I can't decide whether it was really that sick. ...Anyone else see it?

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Black Swan when she started touching herself...

I be like ....da fuck!

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