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Driving Under the Influence

word!, even if you think you've got the mental dexterity/co-ordination to drive is it worth fucking up someone else's life... pay for a fuckin' cab or walk

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What sunglasses are you rocking?

LV Evidence ftw, can't be farked posting pic. [URL]

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The Hypebeast Book of Personal Style

- Brand: LV, Stussy, Calibre - Signature look: (crisp shirts/tees, slim jeans, vans, m-65/ Sports coat/ Pull over) - Describe my style: Smart Casual I guess, sometimes smart/preppy, sometimes simple hypebeast steesz (authentics, slim denimz, tee). Depends where I am and what I'm doing. - Most frequently worn item of clothing: Beater white authentic and Slim Jims - Favorite clothing purchase this year: Black LV Evidence Shades/ First good suit/ overpriced BBC tee smokeyfacesmokeyface

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Songs That Have Made You Cry

"still got love for you - Beanie Sigel, Jay-Z and Rell" personally I find that to be one of the most touching songs I've come across... As for "dance with the devil"... I love immortal tech and that shit was crazy first time around but 'you never know' is probably better in in my opinion

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Who Da Best!!!???

Where's the Aussie love, c'mon boys!

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I'm thinking about getting a Wii...

My ex bought me one for christmas and I've had it packed up in the box for like 5 months, resident evil has never been cooler than on Wii however!. That being, said my 360 has also been packed up for 5 months and I actually like it. I don't have time for video games smh

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Fit Thread (for denim FAQ)

Hey guys, i'm 6"6. I rock slim jims and ksubi's in a 34x34. I sling them low on the hips and they dont stack much but they look pretty good. I like the look of imp dukes, does anyone know how they fit on a taller body. I've herd they run a 40" inseam which sounds almost perfect but I haven't been anywhere selling them yet..

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LV evidence ftw! I robocopped the last pair in Sydney yesterday... i had horrible buyers remorse but they are sooo fly smokeyface

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Are you Green?

I don't know what it's like in other places, but in Australia I've noticed people are only as green as they feel they should appear to be... In 2007 as a country we used a billion more plastic bags than in 2006!!!, we only have a population of like 21 million people and everyone claims to be proactive about looking after the environment, sustainable development etc. I personally hate when people are righteous about doing the right thing only because it's 'trendy', that shit is so fucking fickle. I personally don't take more than 5 minutes in the shower, keep light off in rooms I'm not in, catch trains or walk where possible instead of driving, don't use plastic bags unless I have to etc but I don't really consider this green, it's just being responsible.. Sorry about the rant fam, I don't post often for a reasonblushing

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Whos got more money Timbaland or Scott Storch?

Chuuuch^^^ Timbo's net worth would be WAY higher... But for real, Storch would still have mad cash. He made Candy Shop, Lean Back, Let Me Love You, Playas Only etc.. BIG SONGS. He even helped Dre do 2001 back like 9 years ago!

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What are you doing with your life?

I'm doing Public relations at College and selling Wine atm... My ultimate goal however, is to head global communications for French luxury giant LVMH. I'm kinda just working towards that &)smokeyface

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Australian Peoplezz

I'm Australian...I'm a country boy now living in Sydney, beastin' hard yo...smokeyface I'm regularly on HB, but I mainly just lurk.. How many Aussie's do you guys think are on here?

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What do hypebeasts do with their free time

College, Sell Wine, Explore Sydney, Lurk Hypebeast, Go out drinking ect

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What ever happened to rapper knocturnal??

He became a alcoholic and fell off. Shame though 'what we do' still goes hard. He's still recording though I think.

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Reasons For Not Buying Fakes..

I'm a lurker but I thought I'd chip in on this.. Nigo is possibly the most ostentatious dude ever who really doesn't need more money but Fakes of any brand seriously reduce brand value (and all brand associations) and damages the industry. Think about it... Fakes Ruined the Takashi Murakarmi/ LV stuff and damaged LV as a whole, Fakes Ruined the quilted Chanel bags, Fakes killed Von Dutch (lol),Fakes seriously damaged Deisel and Burberry's image, and for me and many others it has pretty much killed BAPEs appeal.

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