[FS/FT] Air Jordan Retro 12 "Obsidian"

Got these on release date. Don't want them anymore. Will trade for something I am interested in and will sell for Best Offer only. I do not have a set price for these, looking to see what I can sell them for. [Image]

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Legit Check: www.skoreit.com

I usually don't believe these websites like this but ESPN sponsored it on tv today and I was thinking that maybe it could be legit? anyone ever used this site or know if it's legit?

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What brand backpack is this?


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Minolta Cam.

for sale. no set price. offer me. [Image] all of these pieces have casing as well. if more pics are needed, let me know. thanks!

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Camera Value.

I was given this camera from my mom after my grandfather passed last year.. I'm wondering how much value this camera has, if any. I don't know what year it is (hope you guys do). If anyone could help me out with it, or even MAY be interested... let me know. [Image] all of these pieces have casing as well. if more pics are needed, let me know. thanks!

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Underrated/Overrated NBA players

Got this idea from the MUSIC section... who you guys think the most underrated/overrated players in the NBA overrated - [B]LEBRON JAMES.[/B] Rajon Rondo, Carlos Boozer, Tim Duncan underrated - Deron Williams, Monta Ellis, Rudy Gay, Dirk Nowitzski

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My friend just sent me this link of him spittin... I knew he had started rappin but I never had heard him. I dunno where he recorded this or how... just tryna get some feedback for him.. tell me what you guys think. if you feelin it, give it a download for him! [URL]

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May 21, 2011 = Judgement day?

What does everyone think of this??

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best movies/documentaries on netflix

looking for some good movies/documentaries to watch.. tired of watching the same old stuff... let me know some good stuff

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C++ Programming help

Anyone have/had this class? or just knows how to do programming period?? In school for Computer Science. Class is hard as shit!!! Can anyone help me with a few problems? I'd appreciate it!!

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WESC Denim

Does anyone own these jeans? if so, how do they fit and are they worth purchasing? If there's already a thread for this my bad... didn't see it.

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21st birthday location

Looking for a place to celebrate my 21st. I have a few locations in mind and I don't really know which one to lean towards. My bday is in April, and so I'm plannin ahead so I can get an idea from the places I wanna have it in. I know everyone is probably gonna say Las Vegas and I was always thinkin LV as my 21st bday location, but now I'm thinking... I don't know if I really want it there, but it is still in mind. YOu guys got any suggestions?

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black birds and fish dying all over the world

is anyone else not scared ??? [URL]

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Microsoft Excel

I have a project due in my computer class and I have to do a what-if scenario with it. I dont know hot to use excel that well, if anyone could help me and explain to me how to use itI would greatly appreciate it. thanks in advance.

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Limewire Under Investigation?

anyone know anything about this? [Image]

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