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Graffiti / Street Art Advertising & Promotion

The website "FRESH PAINT NYC" is offering a limited deal to upcoming artists and brands.  I'm offering a deal of $50 for 3 days of promotion entirely of your content to the targeted audience of art, street art & graffiti fans. Just send over as much as you would like posted (pictures, videos, products & services for sale) and for $50 you'll get uninterupted exposure. No other posts will be made during a 72 hour period except for your content... you can send in as much as you like and I will post on all my social media accounts. Stats are as follows... Twitter: 6K Followers Instagram: 20K Followers Blog: 600-800 daily views Youtube: 632 Subscribers email: freshpaintnyc (at) gmail (dot) com http://www.freshpaintnyc.com Below are some stats: [Image] DOMAIN:  400 - 600 Views Daily 1,092,742 Total Views [URL]

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NYC: The Streetwear Early Stages

I used to be up on the whole streetwear scene before people stood in lines over night for sneakers and small t-shirt brands were in such high demand. And this is only a matter of a couple years. But I often think back... when even though Bathing Ape was huge overseas, you would have to go to the old recon store on Eldrige Street and they had a couple jackets and hoodies in stock. And seems like yesterday 2000 or 2001 Recon had a sample sale of some very exclusive Haze, Subware, items I recall however, it was on the very down lo. no long lines outside. I remember being at the ELF MPC opening at Alife. R.I.P. Carlucci, that was my first exposure and sparked my interest into what has grown into an empire. The days when A-Ron was working at Supreme, and Harold would have beef with dudes at Supreme one day, then the next day he'd be chilling in the front freestyling, asking if you could spot him some money to get something to eat while he'd tell you a story about his weekend in the Hamptons with Christina Ricci. Harold R.I.P. Brands I remember being some hot t-shirt brands were Kingpin, Swish, Double Down, PNB, Echo (Their first line of t-shirt were dope, and you'd get a free mixtape). Yeah I left out alot, but i'm gonna make things brief. These are my fondest memories when I walk around downtown and see alot of young kids with tons of shopping bags, mad thristy looking faces with the up and down stare of everyone that walks by. More power to the companies make all that loot... Aside from minor drama over ego's and popularity contests, it is important to look past that and think of the positive fun times. It is great to be this day and age and witnessing this era unfold before my eyes. That is my positive take on the way the whole "SCENE" currently is being that it can easily be frustrating these days by seeing new kids try to act. Feel free to share any stories...

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[aNYthing] - 2007 Discussion Thread

[Quote] I remember when the first t-shirts were made in the basement apartment of a Pratt Student on in Brooklyn, who was also doing silk screening for Shepard Fairey. It was a good concept... but shoulda kept it more on the limited edition aspect. I also believe the investor was James Jebbia the owner of Supreme who gave A-RON the "Supreme Black Card". A-RON has alot of history no doubt, but I haven't really been following aNEWYORKTHING since the store opened.

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NYC Graffiti Heads

[B]ALL THE RIGHT[/B] is a graffiti/streetwear shop out in Corona Queens [URL] is in the bronx, tattoos, spray paint, gear... [B]scrap yard[/B] which was already mentioned...

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