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Jordan Stealth 3 or "Last Shot" 14

Please leave your opinion and reason please. I wanna get the Stealth 3 because I think it might be straight fire with red laces, but I also want the 14s because of the history behind it. I can only get one because I need to save up for next year and I don't wanna spend all my money on this year.

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Kicks you plannin to cop soon?

Black Cement 3s, if they don't come in nubuck, Concord 11s, some 13s and hopefully some of those Ray Allen PE

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Should I Pay 145 For TI$a Vans?

TI$A is lame as hell, when I first saw those snapbacks I was like WTF? and then when I found of the price tag I was like WTF?!!! People only buy them cuz they wanna show off that they have money, but there's better things you could buy with that money.

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Jordans 11

Bred 11s for sure, I just think more people like Space Jams due to the hype, I mean cmon... the red soles make the shoes pop up, not that I'm hating on the Space Jams, but I'd definitely cop the Breds over the Space Jams

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Where to get Bred 4's online?

Go join some facebook groups because in Toronto I've seen a few people sell them for a decent price

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What shoes are these?

Atleast he didn't ask what jordans he was holding lol

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Are Black Cement III's Droppin This Year Again?

Word, I heard they gonna be made out of nubuck and if they are I might not cop depending on how I like them when I see them in stores, but I really hope they are leather

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Which jordans to get

Raging bulls if you wanna stunt and Spizikes are like outdoor beaters

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Shoes for ballin?

Jordan 21s, pretty cheap considering they're not an OG Jordan

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Best everyday Jordans?

Buy some used jordan 3s or 4s if your not a collector and you just wanna rock some

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Wide Feet

My feet are kinda short and a bit wide, so I usually get a half a size bigger and if anything just lace them tighter or stuff your shoes if they are too wide

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