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Pharrell Williams: Creative? Or An Overrated Celeb Poser?

[Quote]Frank Ocean is nothing compared to Pharrell. Lets just remember how many hit singles Pharrell has produced, while keeping his musical integrity and eclecticism. Frank Ocean, I do love, but he only writes and sings lyrics - no amazing musical or production skills like pharrell. And tbh on channel orange he was pretty fuckin terrible, especially compared to that gem called nostalgia ultra.

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Anyone digging these?

They're fantastic, but imo navajo won't last long. Still for $15, you probably can't go wrong.

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Graphic T-Shirts Going Out of Style?

[Quote]Graphic tees will always be there, but they will always be changing. Staples should be considered something which can be worn anytime, for as long as it lasts. E.g. plain white t-shirts can be worn with almost anything and will never go out of style. That logo flip tee you bought last month is already done.

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