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Penfield Stapleton sizing/fit

Hi guys, I am thinking about getting one of these Penfield Stapleton jackets. Any owners that know how they fit, I read they fit big others said true to size, dont know what to believe anymore Im 5 foot 7, would a size S fit me good?

2 Weeks ago in Fashion

Winter jacket advice and tips

Hi,  I'm looking for a cool winter jacket. It's cold out there, need something to keep me warm.I wanted a Penfield Stapleton all black, but unfortunately those are all sold out in my size. I've been searching the web for a couple of days, but didn't really saw anything that looked like worth buying. Anyone got tips, I'm not really in to raw streetwear. Anyone got tips for me which jackets I should buy or can name cool brands that I should be checking out.  Thanks in advance

2 Weeks ago in Fashion

Need some advice

Ay, so I need some advice from people who've got more life experience than I have. This year, in my first year of college (in the Netherlands) I failed due to my own behaviour, 19 years old of age and I'm getting kicked out of school on the first of May. I need to wait till late August till I can go back, this means for three or four months I've got nothing going on in my life. May, June, Juli, August are months that I wont be doing what I enjoyed most, gave some meaning to my day and a reason to wake up and get dressed and all in the morning. I know it sounds odd but I enjoyed my days in college a lot, they were inspiring and I felt like I was working towards a better career for in my future. I'm going back in late August, but what do I need to do till then? I've got a job recently, working at a helpdesk and taking calls in the evening but that isn't giving my a similair fullfilment compared to school. Without a college degree you can't ask for much better in my country. I know I need to carry this out but does anyone has some advice for me to make my life easier during these months? I've tried rationalising this whole thing but it isnt making me feel any better. I know I sound like a nerdy bitch asking to go back to school whereas taking extra time off is probably what most want, but that college degree means a lot to me and I'm quite dissapointed in myself and want to bring change asap. But all the advice is appreciated.

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Good documentaries

Although Documentaries are far from any persons favorite genre, I tend to like them a lot recently however I don't know many, so are their any docu's out there that you guys recommend me? Just classy ones that are really worth watching.

2 Weeks ago in Entertainment