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yeezus tour in salt lake city - nov. 1

so i stumbled across this video on youtube of kendrick lamar doing maad city in salt lake city.  [Embed content] he hypes up the crowd and they all get into it and sing the intro.  "MAN DOWN! WHERE YOU FROM NIGGA? FUCK WHO YOU KNOW, WHERE YOU FROM MY NIGGA?" so... this goes back to the whole "white people saying nigga" thing. i mean, it's fucking salt lake city. salt lake city (according to wikipedia) is 2.7% black and has a population of approx 180,000 people. next week kendrick and kanye will be performing in the energy solutions arena (where the jazz play). that place seats about 20,000 people. so that means if every single black person in salt lake city attended this concert, they'd only take up about a quarter of the seats. so when rappers are in a fucking area full of white people, and they get them all yelling "HUH, MY NIGGA?"... do you think they feel awkward in that moment? should they feel like scum for essentially allowing 15,000 white people to call them "nigga"? is this what being a black skinhead is? i still don't get that song.  - EDIT -  oh wait.  my bad, this show was cancelled. do you think this is why?

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taking drugs and then fapping to girls with fat asses in supreme

theoretically this should be the most popular thread in HB history.  my personal favorite combo: this: [Image]

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[FS] NORSE PROJECTS (cheaper than retail!)


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who the fuck is this Kanye guy?

i just stumbled across this on youtube but what the fuck is up with kanye in this interview? (sorry if you've seen this already) [Embed content] is his voice dubbed? he sounds like a white guy. enunciating and shit. his inflection is just weird. who is this guy?!

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Calling HB Producers 2

ANOTHER! here's another loop i made in the wee hours of the night. want to see if any of the producers here wanna add on to it and formulate a beat. this one is just the raw loop at the beginning, and then with my drums. feel free to use either part.  [URL] props to @alexamiles and @snoopdoug for joining in last time. (yo alexamiles where's you email)

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Calling HB Producers

i started on this loop sample from some disco song. anyone wanna add on to it?  [URL] post it up

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Kitty Pryde?

i'm probably late, but wtf is this? [Embed content] i think the ship has officially sunk. then again, i know nothing about her or her music. can anyone vouch?

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"idk how hb feels about green pants yolo tho"

"idk how hb feels about green pants yolo tho" this is probably the best thing i've read on this forum. ever.

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Bitch Don't Kill My Vibe Video Discussion

[Embed content] at first i thought this was just some lame confusing video that totally rips off "i'll be missing you" with kendrick wearing an all white suit dancing in the middle of a field like it was 1997 all over again.  then my friend explained that this is a continuation of the "poetic justice" video where kendrick dies at the end. basically everyone dressed in white is already dead and they're at a reverse funeral in heaven. the person in the casket died, so everyone is sad at the beginning, but then they're parting in the end because that person is joining them in heaven. that's what's going on... right?

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Top 5 Movies from 2012

end of the year list! what are YOUR top 5 movies from this year? (bonus points for listing something obscure) 5. tie - The Dark Knight Rises/Skyfall  4. Ted 3. Argo 2. Django Unchained 1. The Avengers

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they should make a remake of....

Bill and Ted's Excellent Adventure starring Tyler the Creator and Jasper the Dolphin (featuring other members of OFWGKTA and various celebrities/friends in cameos).

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missed opportunities: fashion

what's that one item that you regret NOT buying? like a "grail" item, but something you actually could/should have bought but didn't for whatever reason. mine is this green hundreds hat. [Image]

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i just realized something about Fresh Prince of Bel-Air

[Image] we've gone 180 since the show. now, white kids dress like will and black kids dress like carlton.

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I Think I Fucked Up: Vol. does that make me gay?

so i've been dating this girl for a few weeks. she is by far one of the hottest girls i've ever dated. definitely top 3 of all time. like, i know how fortunate i am to be dating her right now. anyways, she knows that i want to fuck her. like so bad. and she's been fucking with my head about it though. i haven't hit it yet, but gotten so damn close. like making out and under the clothes touching, but every time we almost get to doing it, she stops and keeps withholding from me. i think she gets off on my torture, but i'm cool with it. then the other night happened. we went on a date and went back to her place afterward. in her ultimate move to fuck with me, she said "let me put on a show for you" and started stripping. onve she got naked, she then got on her bed, and took out her dildo. it was fucking huge and black. anyways, she started fucking herself with it in front of me. it was so awesome. it was like those online videos, but in real person. i can't describe how sexy it was. needless to say, i had a raging boner and couldn't take it anymore. i told her that she needed the real deal and went over to her on the bed. she then stopped me and said "i'll play with your toy.... if you play with my toy." i was like, WTF? then she simultaneously put her lips on my dick and put the dildo to my lips. "suck it" she said. "i'll suck yours". oh my god. it was weird. like, i was just so horny, and wanted her to suck me dick so bad, that i just went with it. then she started moving that shit in and out of my mouth, like, really mouth fucking me with a black dildo while she sucked my dick. i had a brief moment of "this shits gay" but i didnt want her to stop giving me head. before i knew it, i couldn't help it, and i came. with a dildo in my mouth. does that make me gay?

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Teenage Mutant Ninja Tutles (2013)

New Live Action TMNT movie produced by Michael Bay for Platinum Dunes. only this time, they're gonna be CGI instead of costumes, and aliens instead of mutants... [URL]

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