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Where to Find Custom 5-Panel and Beanies

Drop us an email at info@hold-hats.com, we'll work something out. By the way we do custom sublimation as well. http://www.gold-hats.com/ Cheers.

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Official 5 Panels/ Camp Caps Thread

[Quote]Hello, I'm Victor, co-founder of Gold Hats. I believe that I'm the best person to answer your post. First, unlike most self-called manufacturers out there, we're on site both in Europe (Paris) and Ho Chi Minh in Vietnam where most of our production is done. Being on site is a must when dealing with cut & sew manufacturing. We're not a middleman, we're a manufacturer. Are we reliable? I believe that the few pictures we show on our site talk for themselves; if you want more pictures, just drop us an email (info@gold-hats.com) and we'll show you what you want. If you want references or if you want to get in touch with brands we've worked with, just tell us. Of course we only offer the best quality available. Why would it be "50 shitty quality hats "? As a company claiming and producing high quality products only, it would be irrational not to reach our goal by making shitty caps. Also it would be extremely risky for our image as people would know it very quickly thanks to forums like this one. Concerning the "chart", I highly discourage you to follow a paint-made scribble which we believe was done as a joke. It's too simplistic to classify everything that's made outside the USA or Europe as crap. Nowdays, Asia is the heart of the world when it comes to manufacturing. As with everything, you'll find both excellent quality and awful crap made in Asia; in the end, it all depends on levels of requirements and control. Also, it's important not to forget that Asia is an immense continent and Vietnam is not the same as China just as much as USA is not the same as Mexico. This comparison is a bit far-fetched but you'll understand the meaning. Thank you for reading through this looonnnggg post, sorry by the way but we felt that it was necessary. PS: there're a lot of useful information on the Internet. Unfortunately, it's also fulled of bullshit concerning manufacturing. You would be surprised by the amount of requests we receive from American and European clients who want tear-off country of origins labels; it's not hard to guess what their plan is... But this is out of our business. All that to say that it's not a matter of black and white, even big names mentioned as references on this topic use this method to relabel their products into USA made. For some of them, it's the only way to justify very high prices. Cheers!

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