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Yoo calgarians i used to be a part of your city but i moved to texas recently (unfortunatly). nothing to do.. no mountains.. this sucks. Any good stuff happening that you can rub in my face? And all you BC induviduals, how is shambhala going to be this year.. line ups?

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Yo what's up all you rock huggers, I'm about to get a pair of climbing shoes any recommendations?

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Favorite Console & Game Official Discussion Thread

I would say n 64 - anddd the game. Im not sure let me know what you people think

2 Weeks ago in Gaming

Trippy artist?

Name says it all. Let me know the most trippy artists

2 Weeks ago in Visual Arts

Beautiful actresses

HB, I was wondering who you guys thought the most good looking actress old or new is .. My vote is Christina applegate

2 Weeks ago in Entertainment

Reggae fever

Warrguuan HB Best reggae of all time? Of coarse bobmarley is and will always be king but dish out some new or old stuff so I can expand my library Take it easy everyone

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Too many rules

too many great rules

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Vans. Halfcabs, AV sk8 lows, Chukka lows

Whatsup HB Im looking to get some good looking halfcabs, AV sk8 lows, or chukka lows.. Open to any offers got a couple pairs of shoes for trade if your willing.. OFFER UP! Size 9-9.5

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*wtb tits sweater/shirt*

Looking to buy a TITS sweatshirt with good looking girl(s) on the front.. also if you have any shirts in particular that the girl is amazing let me know! SIZE:L

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*~wtb diamonds snapback~*

HB im looking for a Diamond snapback hat with the only rock on the front..

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Red vlados for sale

Ive got some all red vlado luxery footwears barely worn.. $50 i can email pictures

2 Weeks ago in Sneakers

**Air Jordan Alpha 1 for sale**(9)

Whats going on HB, Ive got some super nice alpha 1's size 9 for sale/trade. got them about a year ago, they were rarely worn and still have the words in the sole (except on the left it missing "Game" and on nothing on the right insole. virtually invisible creasing and still has star tread on the bottom. $80 in box PP only Trades: halfcabs, vans classics, offer up I have pictures but this website wont let me post them. so let me know and i will email you them

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