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White People and Pinoys take an Another L Vol. World Needs More Love

Child Sex Slaves Ring in the Phillipies being run by Americans [Embed content] [Image] "Subic Bay has become synonymous with foreigners looking for sex in the long string of bars that line the main road along the coast." what do you guys think?

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Boland trying to bid on my ebay shit

Whaddup HB. barbagelbites aka boland da homosexual just tried to bid on one of my items on ebay. I thought you guys slaughtered his closet homo ass on the internet?

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Straight Hair for African Americans

[Embed content] What do you think of my hair guys?

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Can the store get your info if you card didn't go through?

I stole something from somewhere because i didn't have enough cash to pay for it. I tried to pay with a debit card but it was declined the whole transaction was canceled but can they still see my information? This is if anyone say me walk out with the piece of shit. Steal Shit. Get on HB.

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A Faking APE

can a moderator tell us witch account's are also ape, this is getting out of hand.

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How to stop fapping?

is there a way?

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[FS] RAW Denim APC, Unbranded, Cheap Monday

APC size 28 worn 4 months 1 wash. [Image] little scratch on the left leg can be fixed tho. $25 shipped mssg me for any more questions or how much it would cost you for them all together.

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I cannot believe they just let that fuck nigga C. Breezy win.

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Anyone notice How Kid Cudi fell the fuck off?

nigga was supposed to be one of the greatest rappers ever showed so much potential 08-09 cudi was a beast. RIP OLD CUDDER [Image]

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Rip ape

The end of an era on hb

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Darker Albums in The Artist Discography

I've been listening to my favorite artist darker albums and i love the feel of them. They're in such a different state of mind and it makes me love them even more. Can we discuss them? examples: [Image]

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N.E.R.D. the best band since the Beatles???

I've been seeing that a few people believe that N.E.R.D. Is the important band since the Beatles. Care to explain or discuss?

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How do i lose my virginity

Sup HB, Me being a lame ♥♥♥♥♥ and all i wanted to know how can i lose my virginity. I know girls i talk to girls but i can never seem to seal the deal when i want to hook up or go out with them any advice???

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5 Rap Artist That Are Destroying Hip-Hop

[B]1. Wiz Khalifa[/B] [Image] He's too young doesn't have his mind right and contradicts himself all the time and most of raps are shock value or the ♥♥♥♥♥ just bitchin. Only reason he's big is because pitchfork give him mass attention and yonkers was a video of genius. There is nothing special about this Eminem cover band Thanks for Frank Ocean tho. Getting rid of these 5 would do the genre of hip-hop real well. Support good artist like Kanye, Jay-Z and Hopsin

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discussion on Pop Hip-Hop or Pop Hop

recently I been noticing that mainstream hip-hop sound the same. Like the BEATS are EXACTLY the SAME. Wale's Attention Deficit, Lupe Fiasco's Lasers, B.o.B's Bobby Ray and Wiz Khalifa's Rolling Papers all have the same sounding beats but just with the rappers lyrics and personality. Is is just me or is everyone else hearing this? By the way all these albums are Atlantic albums. Also Thank Me Later and Recovery had very same sounding beats also. [Image]

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