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Who remembers Mos Def doing Close Edge on Chappelle's Show?


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Whose gotten a ticket on the Metro here in LA?

The reason I ask is because I need info on how to find appearance date and time. Reason being, I lost the ticket. =/

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Barneys New York Warehouse Sale, Los Angeles

Posted this in the regional forum, but thought it would get more attention here. Just a heads up for those that have free time tomorrow. There's a sale in the Los Angeles area. Details in the link: [URL]

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Engine Powered by Mountain Dew

[URL] The guy was even deemed crazy by the state of Utah!

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Full Size Lego House

Here's the link: [URL] Now get back to me if you're down to pull something smaller.

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Pig Chief denounces "cowardly" iPhone users monitoring speed traps

Didn't know where to post so switch it up if it don't fit in. BTW, the program is called Trapster for all those iPhone users. It's free so I suggest you pick it up if you drive around with fear in mind. It tracks police activity during real time and users can constantly update heat heavy locals and shit. [URL]

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Alex Sanchez, Organizer of Homies Unidos Arrested

Homies Unidos is an organization located in Los Angeles, and has spread throughout El Salvador and such, in order to spread anti-gang awareness. Alex Sanchez, ex-gang member himself along with others helped established such organization that has impacted the life of many that may have become members themselves. And for this, he gets punished by our city. Just spreading the word as this man has done what no authority could have ever done. And of course, our local government always finds a way to further fuck things up and ensure the suppression of our people (and by 'our people' I mean all races/elasticities and social classes unified for the same cause). So any opinions or thoughts are more than welcome. Link to article: [URL]

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FIFA 2010 World Cup Qualifiers

Currently watching the El Salvador v. United States game and can easily say that El Salvador is finally playing a class apart from the americans. Cienfuegos would be proud. Movement, passing, formation, organization, and defending are all on point. Also, I wish I would have caught the UEFA qualifiers but I was out. Anyone care to discuss their regions or countries? Edit. Wow, unfortunate for El Salvador's lack of physical conditioning. Quite ridiculous what the Goalkeeper did by faking injury and shit. His skill did not match his ambitions and he's partially at fault for giving away the 3 points they deserved for the first hour or so. Blame can also be put for lack of organization through the infrastructure of the Salvadorian Federation. If anyone is not aware of the situation in El Salvador. Their players aren't actually professionals, but play football on the side in order to make ends meet. It's a shame because so much talent goes wasted, similar to this country. I mean, they did something Mexico hasn't done for quite a while, outplay the United States (which isn't very difficult anyways IMHO...).

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For all you ladies that fancy yourselves drinkers...

... [URL] I remember back in the day, one of my homies told me that he was "alergic" to alcohol, when all along he probably had ALDH2 deficiency. Oh well, he's not missing out on much...

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All started with this article I found through Yelp: [URL] I know some of you are from this area and I wanna know how this has affected you guys personally or how the opening of these new stores has influenced where you hang out, what music you listen to, what you eat, anything and everything. I heard something similar was going to happen. or began to happen in the San Fernando Valley. The city of North Hollywood to be more specific. They have opened bars, restaurants, small boutiques along with condos and shit. This is all by the end of the Metro Red Line around Lankershim and Magnolia. This was supposed to expand to the whole Van Nuys area on Van Nuys and Vanowen, I'd say the heart of the latin soul in the valley. They even closed down a couple of shops I would frequent on Laurel Canyon and Victory. It sounds like a cool idea and all, but property prices would sky rocket along with the rent. And with hard times along the way, I don't think the lower, working-class would appreciate such a rapid change. Personally, I wouldn't have it any other way then now. I mean, North Hollywood got much safer as the years passed. It's pretty chill and if you wanna go out and have a good time, there are plenty of places you can drive you that aren't very far at all. Shit, there's even a Metro Line that can hook you up to all these places for a minimal cost. So how do you guys feel about the area you currently reside, and how will change affect you and those around you?

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Simian on Cartoon Network

Just a heads up to those that frequent the channel. They play some snippets from the Sebastian track. Walkman.

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Any Argentinian heads up in here? Here's the website if you guys wanna check it out: [URL]

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Tulsa, Oklahoma

eyo faggots...what the fuck do you guys do there? i'm heading down there tomorrow night...

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UEFA Champions League 2008/2009

Same like last year, here are the groups in case you don't know: Group A: Chelsea CFR Cluj-Napoca AS Roma Bordeaux Group B: Inter Milan Werder Bremen Anorthosis Famagusta Panathinaikos Group C: Barcelona Shaktar Donetsk FC Basel Sporting Club Group D: Atletico Madrid Liverpool Olympique Marseille PSV Eindhoven Group E: Manchester United FC Celtic Villareal Aalbord Group F: Bayern Munchen Fiorentina Olympique Lyon Steaua Bucuresti Group G: Arsenal Porto Dynamo Kiev Fenercahce Group H: Real Madrid Juventus Zenit St. Petersburg BATE Borisov Matchday 1 took place on Tuesday/Wednesday. Important results that interested me included Manchester United tie against Villareal at Old Trafford again. If anyone saw this game, they will recognize how much United missed Ronaldo. I remember mentioning that United would have won Premiership/Champions League last season without Ronaldo, but I'm beginning to doubt. Of course it's only the start of the season, and it may be a little different this season with the FIFA dates coming in earlier + Euro 2008 fatiguing some players, but other teams have had some pretty decent starts. Liverpool out of all teams is on top for once in the Premiership. That loss to them last weekend was very hurtful and showed that United may become weak in the defensive area. Last season very few goals were allowed against second rate teams. This season United conceded a goal against struggling Newcastle, two to Liverpool, and one to Zenit in the Super Cup. Against Villareal though, they didn't have to do much. Didn't catch the Tuesday games due to work, but I'm sure some of you have things to say about Atletico upsetting and such.

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2008 Summer Olympics - Beijing, China

Discuss this year's Olympic games. Any games, any time. Currently watching Men's Futbol (soccer) between the United States and Japan. The U.S. is up a goal as I'm typing. Also, fuck Telemundo for not showing the Italy game live.

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