Canker sores.

Fuck. I'm over this shit. I used to get them all the time when I had braces, and the rubber-band holder metal part would slowly cut the inside of my lips and it would become a canker sore. I thought that shit was over after I took them off and maybe get an occasional one every couple years, but now I am fighting off a throat infection without seeing a doctor, just waiting it out, and now I have like 6 of them and I can't even fucking talk. But the shit is bitter-sweet when I tongue them. smokeyface And doctors barely know how canker sores truly arise. Any tips for treatment so I can communicate with the world? Discuss. [Image]

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Play basketball last night, got the rebound and fell on someone's foot and rolled it. Level 2 sprain and strain. Anyone else get this injury before? How'd it go? What other injuries have you guys had and how has it affected you? Did you come back the same?

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Problems uploading avatar.

I have been trying to upload my new avatar all day now, and every time I do I get a 502 Bad Gateway page. The avatar requirements work for the pic, and I have tried different browsers. What gives?

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Inside Job

No, this isn't a new 9/11 video. But, instead, a film that discusses the infamous housing bubble crash from beginning (deregulation of the Reagan admin) all the way to now. I know this has been done a million times (this may not be HB's cup of tea, either), but my philosophy thesis is revolved around this crash, so I've done a lot (/too much) of research on it, and this is the best overall summary of what happened and how it did. Check it out. The smooth sounds of Matt Damon's narration should be a plus, too. [URL]

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So that Tron Legacy soundtrack...

Great piece of work by Daft Punk. The classical score is amazing with some great, pure electronica fusing in with the orchestra. Very creative, it really screams to the theme of the virtual Tron world. Might take over the Inception score as best movie soundtrack this year for me. Anyone else cop it, yet? [Image]

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Heisman race... I hate to say it, but it's going to...

As a loyal Michigan State fan, I hate to say it, but Denard Robinson is the front-runner now. [Image]

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Them Cadillac grillz.

[URL] Wish it was a V coupe, but still badass, nonetheless.

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4chan does it again.


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Any brahs down for an ESPN fantasy league?

Let me know and we'll get one started asap.

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I lol'd so hard.

With the other 4channess thread I thought I would go searching the interwebs for some updates on the website and look what I found. So Moot, founder and administrator from of 4chan is being convicted of hacking into Sarah Palin

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Announcement: Fuck what you're listening to.

... because Kele, of Bloc Party, has released his solo album. Single: Everything You Wanted [URL] [Image]

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The Official Credit Card Thread (Vol. welcome to modern day slavery)

Okay, I figured this would be a great thread for all of us young men (who love to buy clothes and other numerous products) to discuss about credit cards. Credit cards can be a lovely or dangerous affair and would love to help anyone out if possible. A lot of people from this thread are graduating high school and entering into the world of credit and a proper education of credit should help EVERYONE. [Image] This is a thread to give info (not too much info) on other's credit cards so we can help enlighten everyone else. Discuss how long have you had your credit cards, how have you managed them, how have they affected your credit, and any general tips on managing or getting a credit card. This thread might fail, but I think it has a lot of potential. Currently, I have 1 credit card, Mastercard, and have managed it very well and actually have lowered my interest regularly. It started at 20% in 2007 (I know, but what can you do? Well,manage it carefully) then it was lowered automatically to 16%, now it's at 13%. I actually want an AMX Green card, to make it my final credit card. Anyone have one? Experience?

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Fuck your car.

Because the new V6 Mustang here and isn't a pony anymore, it's a 'Stang. [URL] Dark gray with black rims, you dig?

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Lets be real: Post random shit that you do that mostly no one does.

Nothing to hide: I play online poker and watch porn in between hands to pass time. Random. Youz?

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I haven no idea where to post this question - don't get excited, boring question.

So I saw this video online and I want to take that video and dub it with a different song. How do I go about acquiring that video? Do I re-record it with some software while playing it? Is there a code so I can save it then open it in a video software program? People do it all the time with videos from YouTube and such. Any help, please?

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