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Trip to DC, NY, or ATL?

So me and the homie are planning a trip in the fall and we wanna either go to DC for Howard's Homecoming, NY, or ATL. We're just tryna visit and have a good time, turn up, sight see, get on some bitches, etc.. Money really isnt a issue but we just wanna go where we can have the best experience. What do yall recommend?

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Seattle Hangouts?

This weekend I'm going to Seattle for a conference from Friday-Sunday, and I'ma have plenty of time to go out. So do ya'll have any recommendations on clubs or bars to hit up while I'm out there? When I went last time we hit up the strip club and a house party that ended up getting shot up lol

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Removing Location

Is there any way to remove my location besides putting a space in the form box? If not, could a mod remove it for me?

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Berkeley Barbers?

Anyone know about any good barbers near the UC Berkeley area? I haven't heard about any black barbers over here and white barbers be fucking up my hair.

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Do you guys have issues with the parties in your area? I can't even go to one without someone getting jumped, stabbed, or shot, and it happens at EVERY decently sized party out here :|

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Car Subwoofer Help?

Alright I have a 1993 Mitsubishi 3000gt, and my brother gave me his 12" Kenwood sub. It barely fits in the trunk, and it's pretty dangerous because the trunk cover doesn't conceal it properly, and it's pretty obvious what's back there. I wanna get something smaller, like maybe dual 6"s or an 8", but I don't wanna lose too much bass. I'm kinda new to this, so can anyone give me suggestions? Oh yeah, the bottom of the trunk to the trunk cover measures out to 8", and the 12" enclosure I have right now measures out to be 14" tall.

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Cheap Shirts?

Well I'm running kinda low on shirts, so can you guys recommend stores that sell pretty nice graphic shirts that aren't too expensive? Anything under $20 is cool.

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Imaginary Foundation tees?

I'm thinking about ordering from them, but does anyone know how their tees fit?

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