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Jordan XI (concord, cool grey, spacejams, lows etc) Replacement laces. Black and White!

What's up HB, I have several pairs of black and white replacement laces for XI's which are identical. NO these are not the ones with "fully laced" on the tips. These are completely replaceable XI rope laces with no markings on them what so ever. The only difference I've seen is that the actual weave pattern (not the overall girth/thickness) is a tad bit smaller but completely unnoticeable. You can check my ebay feedback for testimonials and everyone has been 100% happy. Http://www.ebay.com/jordanwork3 Heres the deal there are 11 black pairs and 9 white pairs. they are $11 shipped via paypal. The easiest form of communication is text (402) 960-7930 And i ship in an envelope via USPS with delivery confirmation. the laces on the spacejams in the picture are the actual replacement laces [Image]

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[WTB] Cool Grey XI size 13 only

hit me up, i'm ready to buy. VNDS or NDS no creasing though.

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[WTB] Green Bean fitted, Jordan Shorts and Socks

Any 7 5/8 that matchs the green bean V's. Any Jordan Shorts Size M-L, and any jordan socks. PM or reply with pics only please.

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[WTB] Any matching GREEN BEAN V fitted

Hit me up with some fitteds that match the Green Bean V's 3M. I'm lookin for $25 shipped on a size 7 5/8. anything is welcome. Easiest way is to PM ***PLEASE INCLUDE PICS!!****

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[FS] Iphone 3GS 16GB

mods delete please

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