Scust Vol. Daddy Issues

Daddy issues is real life shit. Sucks when hot chicks resort to divorced dads to fill theĀ emptinessĀ in their hearts.

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Dress Pants + Loafers

For work I wear custom slim-fit pants from Banana Republic and they fit me perfectly. Perfectly slim IMO. Recently I bought these dope Italian-leather loafers and I want to rock them properly. Where do you guys get your dress pants that cut tightly at the bottom near your ankle? I'm on my iPhone so I can't post a pic but I think you guys know what I mean. That business-Euro look.

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Dope Ass Boots

I already have those Polo jawns but those are more for Winter-time. I know this is a terrible picture to judge but does anyone know this boot or something like it? [Image]

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My Shorts game is not poppin.

I rock LAX shorts and soccer shorts, but I alway swear jeans going out. Whatchu guys working with? I need ideas.

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closed: no ebay listings

closed ~Lefty

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Jeremy Scott Adidas - No Hope?

i am so confused regarding the Jeremy Scott x Adidas collab. was it super limited or something? where to cawp? i want that winged hoodie so bad. thanks

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These Camo Vans looking jawns

[Image] I feel as if they are a Supreme collab. If not, anyone know where to cawp? thanks

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