[WTB] Alife x Q-Tip "Lyrics To Go" Shirt In Small/Medium White

Hey everyone I'm looking for a NEW, Alife x Q-Tip "Lyrics To Go" tee in a size small or medium in white please. If you can provide any help I'd really appreciate it! Thanks [Image]

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[FS] Imperial Duke Sz. 29


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More KiD CuDi?

Hey i was wondering if anyone had any other music from Kid Cudi besides his mixtape, a kid named cudi? PM me if you have any links, it would be really appreciated thanks

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[WTB] Supreme NYC Beanie

Hey everyone, im looking for this supreme beanie in the red/white/blue color. Im looking for one that is brand new with shipping to Canada. Thanks for any help! [Image]

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Young Jeez- Put On (Remix Feat. Jay-Z & Original Kanye Verse)

Hey everyone i saw in the thread for the remix that some people wouldve preferred to have the remix AND kanye's verse so i found this. i personally like it better this way although an updated verse from kanye wouldve been even better. not my link so the credit goes to 2dopeboyz.com. enjoy [URL]

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Laptop Skins?

Hey i was just wondering if anyone knew any good sites for custom laptop skins for a Macbook. I know there are a ton of sites for these things but i want a site that lets me send in a custom picture plus i would like to find a reliable site that sells a skin that isnt going to fuck up my laptop if i want to remove it eventually. Thanks!

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Worried About Shrinking Your Jeans?

So i know some people like to sit in the tub with their jeans on for the best shrinking results. I was watching Mythbusters tonight and they touched on the subject. The myth: Jean Constriction Will sitting in a hot bath, trying to shrink your jeans to the perfect fit, cause a potentially fatal drop in blood circulation? Fortunately you for those who do this, the myth was busted and it is not considered dangerous hahah. Heres a link to the episode guide: [URL]

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NY Stores Open This Weekend?

Hey everyone im from Canada and will be visiting New York City this weekend and was just curious to know if the stores would be open Friday, Saturday and Sunday. I dont really want to have to call every store i want to visit, so i was just curious to know if usually MOST stores are open. Thanks and much appreciated.

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Anyone order from Johnny Cupcakes?

Hey everyone i was just wondering if anyone here in the Canadian section has order anything from [URL]. Im asking this because there 2 shipping options are a flat USPS Rate of 25$ and a UPS option. Thing is apparently with both options, all fees and taxes are including in the shipping price and paid for by Johnny Cupcakes. I just wanna make sure there isnt any catch or a fee im gonna have to pay when i get the stuff i want to order. Thanks!

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Anyone have any Steve Aoki or links to his music?

Hey iono if anyone on here knows about him but anyways for those who have, DJ Steve Aoki performed last night here in Montreal and i love the remixs he did and his set in general but cant really find any of his music. Can anyone send me links to some of his music or something that would help? Thanks!

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Stussy and Crooks & Castles in Miami?

Hey guys im from Montreal and both these brands are very hard to come across and will be heading out to Miami this weekend and wanted to know if anyone can help me find some stores that carry Stussy and Crooks & Castles. Only store i have ever seen Crooks in was Lulu Couture in the Bal Harbour Shops, but i know it waaay over priced. Thanks for any help! blushing

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Nike Safari Cactus Pack Anywhere? (Montreal?)

Hey just wanted to know if anyones seen the Nike Safari Cactus Pack anywhere, especially in Montreal. That entire pack is money and im fiening for the 90s, Stabs and Assault Lows. If i find all 3 im probably gonna overdose and cope them all as that cactus/lime-ish green is my favorite color lol.

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Fly Milk Blazer SB Goodfoot?

Hey guys i dont normally post anything but ive been waiting around too long and desperatyl for these lol. Anyone know if Goodfoot, specifically montreal, will be getting these by any chance? Thanks for any help really preciate it!

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