HB Beat Cypher Vol. 1

Taking submissions for the HB Beat Cypher. Post them down below (please include just link - user name - artist name/ 1 song per person). Submissions will end 15th and where we will have a voting period for a week. The top 20 songs (if we get that many submissions) will end up on a HB Beat Cypher page.

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Bringing Back the Music Section

What up y'all?! As you know the music section is filled with a bunch of people who are making great music but are not being seen or embraced by the community. This wasn't always the case. Hypebeast used to show hella love to its members. We made mixtapes of music submissions and beat tapes. It was all good vibes. I want to bring that back. Nothing is set in stone (I will contact Drew about these ideas potentially), I would like to organize a mixtape of music (genre doesn't matter) and beat cypher page to help out community artists. The only thing I would like from y'all is support on the pages and for you to get involved in the community other than posting your own music. This means giving advice and feedback on others work or hitting up other sections of the site and commenting. I would say at least 5-10 posts that isn't your music wouldn't be too hard. So to submit a song for consideration just post around (long standing members will be exempt). This post is to gage interest. If enough people have interest, I will set up threads for each and have the first go around tentatively scheduled for a November release.

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Hypebeast Fantasy Football vol. 2015

As some of you know, I run a fantasy football league on Hypebeast each year that has been very successful. This year, I hope for it to be even better. Consider this thread for signups. Things to take account for before you sign up is: We have a buy-in, how active you are going to be, and skill level. Buy-in is usually nothing more than 10 Bucks. My hope is that we can expand the league to 14 people this year from 12. We play on Yahoo, just a preference of system. Sign ups will close August 1st then we will decide on rules such as PPR pts, Flex systems, etc. This will last for one week then I will randomize the draft order so you can begin practicing a draft strategy 2 weeks before the actual date of the draft. This is usually last week of August to account for any preseason injuries. To decide who is going to be in the league, leave your name here and I will PM you for an email to send invite to if you are randomly selected (Former members with good activity will be considered more highly).

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[Official] Twitch Name

I figured there has to be enough peeps on here that use Twitch as a streamer or lurker, so why not make a list of names. I figured you post what games you like/play and your Username. For example here is mine: Username: GillySuits [twitch.tv/gillysuits] Streamer: Yes What do you stream?: I stream Shooters, Sports, MMOs, and RPGs. Specialties are shooters and Pokemon. This should allow us to discover people, you wouldn't normally see on top that may be cool. I also stream with some other members of HB and will play against viewers.

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Ray Rice just got terminated vol. We fucked up the first time

Ravens terminated Ray Rice's contract as TMZ released the elevator incident this morning [URL] IMO about time. Dudes out here getting suspended for smoking weed. And this dude cold cocking women and walking off relatively free

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Michelle Obama's reply to Kanye

[URL] Good read but not a real reply. Still this had me rolling when I read it. Author was delivering a major ether with: "Imagine if someone compared you to Papoose, Kanye. Well, you're Barack's Papoose. And yes, Kim is my Remy Ma."

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How to deal with a loss

Yesterday, I lost my mother to her 7 year battle with cancer and I just don't know what to do. I've been taking care of her since Sophomore year of high school and now I'm a senior in college. What makes it worse is she died the day, she wanted me to get a tattoo in her memorial (she always wanted one for her 50th birthday but contracted cancer right before then) exactly as we started. I've been put into a lot. Before it was me and her raising my younger brother but now it is just me. She left me a lot. I now own a home but nothing compares to the lessons she has taught me or our memories. I just want advice how to handle this it? I am happy she is gone for the fact I hated seeing her in pain and not being able to make it better but it kills because I lost the number one woman in my life not to mention the person who I have taken care of for seven years.

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[Official] Hypebeast Fantasy Football

Last year I ran a 12 -team fantasy football league featuring many members which turned out to be very competitive. This year I am looking for it to become even more competitive this means we may implement new rules such as Blind bidding FA and PPR as well as sticking with settings from last year such as Flex. This will also force people to check their teams more making the league more active. Last year we hosted on Yahoo and will prob do the same this year. I would also like to implement a pot. So let's say we all put in 5 dollars winner can get 60 bucks or if you prefer a we can have different levels such as: First Place: 40 Second Place: 10 Best Reg Season Record/or Third Place: 10 If you have any interest in joining leave your name here and message your yahoo email for an invite.

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Today was a Good Day VOL. Positivity

I would never do this under normal circumstances but today was a damn good day: - My mother has had cancer for nearly 7 years now and has progressively gotten worse. She is on a 3 month till death schedule. Her cell count was dropped every day for the past year however today at her appointment the doctor noted her blood count has stabilized. To enhance this story a women I have seen at the cancer center for the past 3 years commented on how much she admired me because I give up a tremendous amount of my life for my mother. Real tear jerking shit especially since she is going to be gone soon. -Me and my friend have been getting into photography heavy for past year now. Today we had our first big shoot by persistence of email. We ended up getting to get press passes for the Mac Miller concert in Boston featuring Chance the Rapper, Vince Staples, The Internet, and Mac Miller of course. When we got there apparently all the other photographers that were suppose to be there got held up in the line and never showed so we got free domain and got to be all up on the stage. This caused at least 10~20 bitches to think we knew the people performing and offer various forms of sex. Gotta love them drunken groupies however I have a girl so I had to pass a bunch to my friend as if he didn't have enough. Long story short, I have always wanted to do something around clubs/music and got my break today. Then the most important woman in my life may be getting better after a seven year battle where I have been forced to take care of her as my other family members wanted no part of it. Just wanted to spread something positive for you guys who may be a little down. Oh I made 300 today scalping tickets as well LOLz

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Favorite Lens in Bag

Hey, I was buying some new lens for my camera and was wondering what was everyone's favorite lenses in their kit?

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Assassination Fail VOL. Shit never goes your way

[Embed content] [Image] Apparently a dude tried to assassinate a Bulgarian politician and his gun jammed right at kill shot time. It happens to the best of us. Things just don't go your way. I want to know your best story of shit not going your way.

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132K Miles later VOL. Need a new car

My Camry is about to die at 132k miles. It has been good to me but it is no denying, I need a new car. I'd prefer certified preowned but I'd only have 9k to put down max. Might be helped out by fam as I graduate college soon so those gifts will be coming around. So I suppose they might match it. Side note I live in the NE, so weather is pretty shitty and unpredictable so looking for AWD only. Thanks.

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Put Your Supreme Up VOL. Hypebeezy Fantasy Football

We (frequent posters in Sports section) are starting a fantasy football league looking for dedicated people to join in on the fun. I am currently Goddell and still deciding how to run this shit (PPR, Standard, Flex, etc.) But what good is a league without members. If you have any interest post here your email and I shall invite you. I would like to do this for money or something but a free league is perfectly fine.

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Looking for dem Answers VOL. Questions from a Startup

Sup Hypebeast So I have been working on a startup company for a few months now but I would like to hear from the people before I go any further in its development. If you could do this quick survey for me that would be cool. I am doing this survey with all types of demographics but since I am on here more than often I said might as well check with them. Thank again. -GillySuits http://www.surveymonkey.com/s/G5CMF8H

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The "My Eyes Are All Fcuked Up Kid" Makes a Song VOL. Childhood Fcukery

[Embed content] [Image] His childhood all fcuked up.

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