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Text a girl and ask if her if "you can tap that"

I just tried this on my dad's boss' daughter known her for like 10 years now Me: hey whats good Her: chillin im bored whatchu up to Me: same i need something to do or someone Her: lol silly what ru doing later? ru going to my tio manny's? Me: What am i doing later? hopefully your buttcheeks then watching the fight Her: lol whats with u 2day you sound like a horndog Me: lol naw but seriously its been awhile now are you ever gonna let me tap that? Her: OMG! WHAT? im too old 4 u lol u wouldnt know what to do lol Me: only 3 years and i know a lot more than you think Her: lol is that right? you dont have the balls little alex i know ur scared of my dad Me: Me scared? shit ill bend you over right in front of him to prove im not Her: lol OMG! talk is cheap little one Me: little? you dont even know Her: oh yea? well everyone is gonna be at my tios watching the fight...ima be by myself prove me wrong lol Me: why you laughing? you think im playing just watch oh and im not gonna pull out the cock-a-saurus just for you to look at either Her: OMG i never seen this side of u lol stop talking and just prove me wrong then ill believe u lol damn ive been wanting to hit this forever but i never thought i could! im gonna have to miss the fight tonight

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[Diamond Supply Co.] - 2009 Discussion Thread.

[Quote] maybe im bias cuz im from the bay but dayyum id rock this ish from the bay to la you should do a city series w/ la n ny

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Yay or Nay (on artwork)

i like it

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Where to cop V-necks?

american apperal

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[Mishka] - 2009 Discussion Thread

new stuff is clean

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[FS] A shit ton of uniqlo denim,supreme hoody,uniqlo windbreaker,diamond tee

do u combine shipping?

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Kid Cudi - Man On The Moon : The End Of Day

[Quote] buy the album and youll see why

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Where do you buy Billionaire Boys Club?

[Quote] nooo why do u say that

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Offical Coupon Code Thread

drjays.com code anyone?

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[Benny Gold] - 2009 Discussion Thread

smokeyfacenew doughboys are a must

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[Diamond Supply Co.] - 2009 Discussion Thread.

[Quote] i dont even think that was on nicks top 5

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Your Top PS3 Games

army of 2 is a good one uncharted too

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Ipod Nano with cam

has anyone got the new nano yet hows the video on it and is the pedometer pretty accurate

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Treat women like shit or they'll leave you.

the main point is too not make a girl feel like shes too good for you thats when she starts trying to mess with other guys if you lower her self esteem then she will think that she is the lucky one for having someone who is actully willing to be with her

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Offical Boxing Thread

alot of good fights this month... areola next weekend should be good

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