hype cog

so yeah german rap starts to become real mane

[URL] dis ma nigga

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gonna steal a gun from a policeman

da struggle is real mane so imagine a fat policeman wearin his gun on diz gay ass pinoy belt what if its dark n you know dat hes too slow to run after you

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i want to look like tyga

but imma white nigga yall feelin me juz don wanna look like sum pinoy wigger wearin oversized clothes gangsta wit style help a brotha out mane

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disappointed gifs drivin me insane mane

my parents told me all da time dat ill neva be a rapper dat i neva be successful with ma music dat im a failure dey were so disappointed all my life just think about your parents bein disappointed at you, ya have to feel like the biggest failure not worth to live on dis shitty planet cause ya suck juz feel like me for one second mane look at all these gifs mane, its okay to cry, but nobody will help you eva mane [Image]

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wanna be a football player

so i never played football but im a really fast runner and im pretty strong without havin dat much muscles [Image] i heard once about an australian rugby player who was really fast but started playin when he was past 20 or sum shit like dat but he had talent n i believe dat imma gud playa i did boxin for like 3 years 3 times a week and started liftin weights in november last year and i always rememba me bein da fastest on da track yea so i have pretty strung legz cause monday i pressed 730 pnds eaaaasily mane on da legpress

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1 condom is missin

bought 10 for my girlfriend n me. over da weekend we made luv 5 times.. now she only has 4 condoms i asked her where the fifth is n she first told me dat we had sex like 6 times n then she told me dat she borrowed it to her sista..

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girlfriend is pregnant

wonda what its like to be a father she dont wanna have kidz... shes tellin me that she has to think about gettin it but i know that shell abort when i waz young i always thought abortion is no big thing but now i think its a human growin in her body, its my child mane imma get in depressions or sum shit i dont kno i couldnt even love my gf anymore cause she wants to kill our child sum1 out there feelin me rite now?

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howdyall wear ya timbz

seen dat lots of ya n yeezy werr dem not laced up when i try diz style dem shoes fall off ma feetz

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dis da bitch i wanna share my alpha genetics with

shes a polish news reporter beforeĀ  [Image] would dominate the fuck out of her ya pinoy pussy lookin niggas with da beta genetics cant even look into her eyes but she needs a real man imma bite her ear off just cause i want to what the fuck mane just listen to her deep voice screamin for my alpha genetics to make a new race 9000 levels above the jewish pinoy nigga shit livin on this planet yall scared to death and scared to look

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german rapper wants to scare another rapper

[Embed content] what do you guys think about it

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[Embed content] THIS IS FUCKING OG SHIT listen to the motherfucking raw street beats, never heard anything like this from english producers all other beats you will hear after this will be like purple horseshit on a hamster eatin horse sperm faggot

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where do i find rappers

im making pretty dope beats and im looking for artists to work with. but i need full time rappers or unemployed rappers cause we have to work 24/7 mane you have to believe in yourself and give your everything to be successful so i plan to take my laptop and go to sum place where rappers meet or where there is a cypher and plug sum boxes to my laptop and see what da crowd is thinkin of my music and smoke sum weed and make a real fine track out of it, professional masterin n a bit of dat illuminati magic ya know what i mean real recognize real ma son and in the end it will explode like a bomb cause people want to listen to good music nowadays and no 5 minute autotune shit and sum text which isnt real anymore fuck this swag rappers fuck ya all just make real music mane [Image]

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is this eminem (marshall mathers) ??

friend told me this is eminem [Image] i said fuck you faggot cause hes not rite? hit me up guys im your biggest fan, this is stan [Embed content]

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is TOR really safe?

what do ya pros think about it

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something i noticed about black men


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