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bet uncut...

anybody remember that shit? had the lamest/funniest songs ever... p-poppin and tip drill were the rawest videos EVER.

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Hurricane Gustav!

Evacuating is fucking aggravating beyond belief!!! The traffic, the hotels, the bad ass attitudes of people in the new city, & the fights you get into with your family; not because you don't get along but because you are in such close quarters. Just 3 years ago katrina, now Gustav? At least, this time I know not to grab just 3 days of clothes. so which brings me to the question, IF YOU HAD TO EVACUATE WHAT WOULD YOU BRING??

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Do they come in a size 6.5/7???

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Lupe Fiasco - The Cool

What yall think about his LP? Is it going to be trash or what? He released the characters. Lupe Fiasco (star/narrator/writer/director) Born: 1982 Birthplace: Chicago, Illinois Biography: Born Wasalu Muhammad Jaco, Lupe Fiasco is a rarity in today

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I did these messing with photoshop, then uploaded them to Boardpusher. Never got them printed though, what you think? they aren't that intricate. [Image]

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since it starting to cool out.

can someone point me to some brands that make moderatly priced hoodies, $100-250 price range. can you post their website too if possible.

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