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HB 'We in dis' Meet - 2015

Yo lets crash some place next year whats your suggestions for date and place

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Lies that tricked you out

Post experience of people lying to you and you bought it.. no religious talk duh "meet ya there at 5" nekminnit laterrrzz

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[FS] VNDS Supreme Black Leopard Safari


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Custom Varsity Jacket Manufacturers

Hey HB Trying to find varsity jacket manufacturers. Needing about 100 custom made.

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Custom Portable Gaming

I was really keen on some of the N64 portables and wanted to make one on my birthday my girlfriend got me this blushing http://hyperkin.com/supaboy-portable-pocket-snes-console.html/ coming back to it, all the games are harder than i remember! captain america and the avengers is true hardcorreee gaming! im currently building an n64 one though, using wii U controller as my housing ^^

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Key Chains / Other accessories

Just wondering what you all bling yourself with, I'm trying to collect sb dunk and jordan key chains and this got me going: [Image] P with bape lures

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maddest camp games ever

Post ice breakers, large activities or whatever games that give a mad buzz ok go!

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