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Florida - Best places/malls/outlets for fashion shopping

Hi, this is a young mid30 dude from big bad Berlin /Germany coming to Florida with a group of boys and girls for a 4 week road trip throughout the whole state.... Now: Economy is fucked up over here, we are all kind of broke, its winter, Europeans run around depressed and girls hide their beautiful bodies under dozend layers of clothing. And this will continue for the next 5month minimum !! As you can see: Coming to Florida and going shopping (from my point of view, in this situation) is heaaavven. For the first time in my life I want to shop like the ladies do, spending money that I don´t have. Especially since I discovered cool sites like this one here... ME WANT COOL CLOTHING TOO!! During my daylife I fight office morons all day, week, month and year (so I need some battle outfits too), during the night my real life as street artist, musician, drug abuser, lady lover (I wish) starts. And in Berlin: People dress fucking cool. I need to step up my game here !!! So: Gents, Boys, Bro´s ! Were do I need to go shopping in Florida ??? I got 10 days left before the trip starts ^ - ^. Thanx in advance H-san. P..: You neeeed to come to Berlin....during summer.....

2 Weeks ago in United States