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Blazer's Glow In The Dark

Yea, are there any sites that are selling these besides pickyourshoes? I'm a dude from Ohio so there's pretty much no way they're selling these in this state.

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Yea, I got fooled by a fake reseller on eBay. I wanted to buy a Dead Serious hoodie for my cousin cause that's all he talks about so I did it the only way I could and got it off eBay. I didn't really care for the thing myself cause it's just a one-piece Halloween costume, but he helped me out through alot of stuff, so why not? Turns out I get this cheap garbage looking knock-off where nothing on it is correct and I got suckered out of alot of money. I e-mailed the dude and tried to file a complaint with eBay, but they won't accept it. I even e-mailed the dude with pics comparing the real Dead Serious hoodie and the fake one and he still says what he has is real. Dude told me the only way he'll refund my money id if I get a real LRG retailer to contact him and tell him it's fake, so I guess I'm screwed. Guess I had it coming for buying that garbage hoodie.

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Has Anyone Seen This C-L-H Spider-Man Hoody?

[Quote] Yea, I hope a good clothing line bites this and makes it look less Wal-Mart.

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LRG Dead Serious

[Quote] where'd you hear this? and is that 1300 our time or Europe's? I got a few people who keep in contact with Caliroots and they didn't tell me anything. Then again, they're assholes.

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