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Logic x Casey Veggies - Like Me

New song just dropped today. https://soundcloud.com/teamvisionary/like-me

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Jon Bellion

Y'all need to check out Jon Bellion. Hard to describe his genre, he's making major moves. He wrote the chorus for The Monster by Eminem. Very unique and a nice change of pace from the usual. [Embed content]

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need manufacturers for clothing

Hi. I need to find a new manufacturer for my clothingbrand. Looking for high quality shirts and hoodies, hats, etc. I am willing to pay for your source, they must be great quality.If you could somehow get my the supplier of Supreme, Diamond, The Hundreds, or any brand like that, that would be amazing. thank you.

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Denim for bigger guys?

I just need some opinions. I'm 5'8 and weigh about 195. Jeans fit fine around the waist, but i have big thighs and they seem to be the problem. What brands/styles do you recommend?

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