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Art 21 on Netlix Streaming

Had this series from PBS called "Art 21" in my Instant Queue on Netflix for a while and decided to check it out tonight. First episode is pretty nice and I felt like other people could get something out of it as well. If you are not familiar with the series, check out the links below. http://www.pbs.org/art21/ http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yeghAcl-N0M [Embed content]

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Font ID/Help

I was wondering if anyone had any idea about what font Stussy used on these shirts? [URL] It would also be cool to find out if they created it themselves or bought it.

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The Gear from the London Riots?

lot of the gear that was taken from top clothing and shoe shops will probably end up on Ebay being sold. It's just interesting to me to see what a surge in clothing, accessories and shoes being sold on Ebay will be seen. I saw some pictures with people carrying out bags from high-end boutiques to stores like Adidas. Either they are going to keep the gear for themselves or sell on Ebay. So, how do you feel about the possibility of stolen clothing, accessories and shoes from the riots being sold on Ebay? It feels kinda weird to know that you could be buying gear that was stolen via the London riots. However, some are gonna be looking for deals. Will there be new sellers registered where one could get good deals? LOL Input if you want. I'm just curious what other people think, I'm not trying to solicit deals or condone looting.

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From Japan: Columbia's Japanese Threads

So, you know how so many companies that we know of very well in The United States often have completely different product availability in Japan or other countries? Well, I was checking out the Columbia website and decided to visit the Japanese website. Maybe you have seen it, maybe you haven't, but they got some pretty sweet products and colors. It's not too bad in price either. If you don't speak Japanese, just click through the links, if you speak a little Japanese, you'll be able to understand most stuff. Maybe you can even order. I am going to see if they will send me a catalog. If we can't order a catalog through the Japanese site, maybe the U.S. location can send one. There are mens and womens lines. Vests, shirts, bags, hats, more. "Mens & Unisex" [URL]

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Short video with a look at lighting and creativity from Baldomero Fernandez

[URL] You might want to check out Creative Light's other YouTube videos. I just happened to have this one and really got a lot of ideas from it.

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Furniture: Looking for a variety of high-quality makers.

What's up? Here, most of us love design, nice-quality, looking good, feeling good, etc.. My thing is living in the perfect house/home. I've been trying to find furniture for the longest time and just can't come up with anything that looks good AND is good quality. I'm looking for couches, dining furniture, beds, dressers and even nice bookcases. If you guys could up some nice links or suggestions, I'd appreciate it. If you are interested in interior design then maybe we can discuss that stuff here as well. Or maybe there is already a thread that could help me? Thanks.

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Shepard Fairey (OBEY) under legal pressure from the AP for the Obama "HOPE" graphic.


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I'm interested in skate photography. Any inspiration?

What's up, is there anyone that could post some links to great/good skateboarding photograhy and photographers? I know that some people here shoot skateboarding, so if you could, let's start a thread on skate photography. I'm interested in it because skateboarding reeks freedom to me and I would love to capture that motion and emotion. Plus, I'm interested in shooting skating at night in the city, in parks, around schools, and other different locations for that different vibe that skating at night brings.

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Portfolio.com Marc Ecko Interview

Here's a short interview that someone may enjoy. Kinda funny. [URL]

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