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Da$h live at Coco 66 in Brooklyn, performing V.I.C.E.S

Some footage I got from Da$h's show in Brooklyn on 9/12/2013 [Embed content] Watch in HD

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Action Bronson NYC show live at Santos Party House 6-26-13

[Embed content] Stopped by to check out Bronson's sold out show at Santos last night he performed Saaab Stories in its entirety, dude definitely put on a great show, also threw out his signature G pens into the crowd...Watch in HD

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Curren$y live at BB King's performance 5/10/13

[Embed content] Spitta's performance in NYC the other night, always a great show from dude, and remains real and humble

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Diamond supply Black smoke ring tee Medium

[URL] Hi, up for sale is a brand new Black smoke ring tee by Diamond Supply in a size medium. I purchased 2 and decided to let this one go..not really trying to make a profit, just asking $45 shipped,retail is about $43 with shipping from Diamond's site.

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Nike foamposite one Pewter sz 9

Hi up for sale is a pair of Pewter Foams...size 9. BIN =$250 shipped within the U.S. Here is a link to the ebay auction: noebaylinks [URL]

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Muscle Car Chronicles

The movie, the album..The plane The plane!! [URL] Coming in March....March 15th last I heard...

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J cole @ SOBs

saw this vid on a blog from J cole's performance, Im not even a fan of dude like that, but he went in on this song: [URL] his rap style on this kinda reminds me of early Ye.

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Freeway: The Stimulus Package

Anybody fuckin wit Free's new album? It dropped monday, its a good album overall, the production is on point. The packaging is crazy too, real creative, heres a vid of you haven't peeped it: [URL] Makes me wish the roc was still together, with new additions like J.cole, that'll make for a nice sequel to the Dynasty, if that was the case all you'd hear on the radio was the Roc, and Young money lol

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Lol Cudi a fool for this one..

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Supreme team

[URL] I lol'ed

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Clipse ft Rawse

I'm good remix, or should I say the street version...pusha back on his slick talk with this one.. "automatic starting..frames chrome hartin', AMG kitted, roof is on a milk carton" [URL]

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Hunt Chris Brown

[URL] Lol love this parody the details had me rollin, from Jay's and Ye's fits, I thought it was really kanye at 2:35 lmao

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F*ck Johncletas lol

This Game vlog about "johncletas" as game calls em had me rollin, like the part when he shits on the girl with the boots, "no bitch" lol, Kinda long but pretty funny. [URL]

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