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Zii technology - low power multimedia "supercomputer"

A friend who went to CES with his dad sent me links to youtube video he put up and a few other vids he found. There is a new processor called zii that can be used for mobile and multimedia devices such as iphones, zunes etc - only way way better. See and tell what you think. I am quite impressed... [URL]

2 Weeks ago in Gaming

The do you pee in the shower thread

I never do - feel like a virgin now.. Do you guys pee in public showers too (gym, swimming pool etc)?

2 Weeks ago in Off Topic

ZEN stone MP3 -> promo link + opinions

A friend send me a link to some ZEN stone plus promo That's how I learned there are these mp3 player out there. Sure free stuff is always good so I entered the contest. [CENTER][URL][/CENTER] I guess chances of winning are slim as usually, but if this mp3 player is good I might get it anyway. Anyone tried ZEN stone plus from Creative?

2 Weeks ago in Gaming

Any khaki pants recommendation?

get simple linen khaki pants and not combats, combats are always baggy, but not all khakis are combats.

2 Weeks ago in Brands

2GB mp3 player < $60, ideally with FM radio

Okay. I am new here and ask questions already... smokeyface They are all more expensive than I hoped.... I checked a few sites and decided to choose one of these players below. Please drop a line if you have experience with any of these players or brands: Note: links are from amazon.com, is there a better place to get a player from? [URL] - $64

2 Weeks ago in Gaming


iphone is hyped as hell. I doubt it is worth 600 bucks. But once price drops to a reasonable level I might be getting one. Has anyone saw any review already?

2 Weeks ago in Gaming

2GB mp3 player < $60, ideally with FM radio

What can you recommend? I have been thru ipods, I keep breaking them too easily and they are expensive, so this time round I do not want spend more then $60-70 for at least 2 GB mp3 player. Radio would be great, video or color screen do not matter. What can you recommend? Thanks

2 Weeks ago in Gaming

HURLING - great celtic sport

Anyone here plays gaelic sports such as hurley? It is very popular here in Ireland and it is great fun. I was wondering if people knew about this sport at all... [URL]

2 Weeks ago in Sports

Sharpening in Picassa - Picassa users please chime in

Hi, I ma using Picassa it is great 1-in-all for placing pics online. But I have noticed to make them look good I ALWAYS have to use sharpening option... I am shooting with Nikon DsLR camera, good lenses (no zoom) so I'd think I would not need to artificially sharpen all pics... When I print them out they look crap. Anyone has idea what's wrong?

2 Weeks ago in Visual Arts