Filling in W-8Ben for Canadian Karmaloop Reps

Hey, so I've been doing the Karmaloop Rep thing for a little bit and now I want to cash out some of my points earned through Paypal. I need to fill out a W-8Ben form to do so since I'm in Canada. Anyone Canadian Reps know how to properly fill one out? Mainly the part that's confusing is the Claim of Tax Treaty Benefits part, I don't want to screw this part up and end up getting taxed. If anyone could help, that would be great, thanks.

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Monark Box

Just wondering if anybody on here is a member. Do you guys think it's good value? What exactly did you receive each month? What kind of exclusive sales or VIP treatment have you received if any? I can't say I'm the biggest fan. It seems like every shirt so far has just been an already done T-Shirt with Monark added on it. I'm in Canada, so I wouldn't sign up even if I liked it. The extra shipping and duties each month would kill the deal. I do like the Goodwood X Monark Piece though, think that was very well done. Personally, I'm thinking it might end up being a flop and with a bunch of customers complaining about a lack of exclusive sales or VIP treatment. Guess we'll see what happens though.

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Price Drops! Closet Cleanout Size XL/XXL Hundreds, Stussy, various brands

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$ Drops! Bape Roadsta, Jordan xiii, Reebok Question Low, Nike & more (Size 10.5-11.5)

Hey everyone, haven't been on here in a minute, but I got a lot of stuff I simply don't wear or have put on ice for a long time. I'll put more stuff on this thread as I find more of it. I used to buy/sell a lot of stuff on here, but I see they've changed the feedback system on here, so I don't have any referrals on here for now. Maybe some of the old heads on here remember me from a few years back. Prices are negotiable, but please no low balling. [B]Payment Options[/B] I accept paypal (4% or gift option) only from verified addresses. I can also do meet-ups in the Toronto area, but must be around Scarborough. [B]Shipping[/B] I ship to USA and Canada only. I ship within 1-2 days after receiving payment. I also ship with delivery confirmation. If you buy multiple items, we can work something out. Keep in mind that I'm located in Canada, so shipping will probably be a bit higher. [B]Contact Info[/B] E-Mail: [EMAIL=""][/EMAIL] AIM: speedyjc3 MSN: [email][/email] [B]All Shoes come with OG Box unless otherwise stated. Some of the boxes a bit damaged.[/B] [B]DS Bape Roadsta Size 10.5 $180 + shipping>>>$130 + Shipping [/B] [Image] [URL]

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Prison Break

Ok, who else is hooked on this show? I didn't really start watching it until a month ago. I ended up seeing the entire Season 1 in a day and quickly caught up to the current episodes. I am totally hooked on the show and to me it's the best show out there right now, the only bad part is having to wait an entire week between episodes. Michael Scofield's gotta be one of the sickest characters ever created for television, dude's just mad smart.

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The Hundreds Online Shop

I was just checking out the Hundreds site and decided to cop a few shirts from their online store. When I checkout, I look at the shipping options and it's straight up rediculous. My order total was like $175 and the shipping options were $245 for UPS worldwide expedited and $260 for UPS worldwide express. I don't know how it's possible that shipping costs more than the order itself. I'm from Canada, so I expect shipping to cost more, but not something rediculous like this. Can someone let me know if this is what they actually do charge or if it was some kind of error?

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Winter Wear

So winter's coming mad fast, for those of us up closer to the North Pole that means snow, slush and mud. Basically stuff that will mess up your kicks and jeans. What do hypebeasters rock in the winter time when it starts snowing and you're trying to get around in 12 inches of snow? What kicks, boots or whatever are you rockin come winter time? Jeans and etc? I always find it mad annoying having to put away my nice kicks and raw selvedge jeans for the winter. I can't really see any other way around it other than having to dress down a bit though and wear plainer stuff, older jeans, older kicks, timbs and etc.

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