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Help find video

anyone know where i can find a video of this crazy ass freestyle urban biker dude, on a mountain bike ridin on fences and shit.. i saw that shit on here a lil bit ago and can't find it. any one know what im talkin bout or where that shit is?>

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Car system

party with the monster! ;)

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how do ya'll rock yo jungle brush?

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Good songs to bait to?

i love bumpin some plies when i bait in my car, anyone got some good songs to beat your meat to?

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Song I.D. help

i recently deleted all my old music and got all new stuff, but i had this song that was real sick that i lost, and i can't remember where i got it or what it was called. i think it was from a dj dirty harry or dj vlad mixtape, but im not sure. the song started with the audio from the scene in scarface where the dude gets killed hanging from the helicopter and tony is talking to the columbian dude or whatever, but anyways it has a dope beat and it possibly has redman in it.?.?. if anyone knows what its called or who its by, please help. cool, thanks -peace

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i.d. ya boy song

anybody know what the ya boy song is called. the chorus goes like, "now heres a little story i have to tell about a place where you either die or go to jail" thanks

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Best nba three point shooter

who do you think is the best three point shooter in the nba. i'd have to say prob ray allen or rashard lewis, but idk bout ray allen n e more. also does anybody know who leads the nba right now in 3pt shootng average?

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Wierd ipod noise

I have a 30g ipod video. one of the originals, not the newer versions, but it has a cracked screen. i've been using it as a shuffle for a couple months, and its really a problem, but last night i was charging it. and out of nowhere the actual ipod made a wierd chime. like a ringtone on a phone or something. i have never heard an ipod make any noise really,i never knew they could. anyways nothing changed on the ipod, but i was just wondering if anybody knew what this was or has ever heard the same thing?

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finding a job

i'm looking for a new, job, and i can't think of where i'd want to work. im 17 and still in high school, so i'm kinda limited, but if anyones got some good suggestions for some places that are good to work at, i'd like to hear it. i really hate working at restaurants but im open if anyeon has a good idea. werd thanks

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songs that bump

i just got a new system hooked up in my whip. just wondering what'r some ya'lls favrite songs that bump. hard.

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help with song title

there was a video that came out like a month or two ago, myabe longer. but its a black chick singer and the video is like a bunch of album covers like moving and shit. i can't quite put my finger on it but any one know what im talking about. cool , thanks

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holy shit!

anyone ever see john cenas movie "the marine"? ...kelly carlson is the absolutye definition of the sexiest piece of ass to ever walk the planet. this bitch is perfect in every way. [URL]

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where to buy new era

besides lids.com and hatland.com whatare good sites to find a good selection of fitted hats especially nba or nba hardwood hats? thanks

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supersonics moving to oklahoma

this pisses me off that oklahoma will have a basketball team but any way waht do all think about this. they say that seatle will get a new team and probably keep the name and colors and shit, but what do you think the old sonics team will be called in Okla-homo [URL]

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size desicion

so, i have an opporitunity to buy a pair of j-rod1's. the only problem is that i wear a size twelve and i have to pick between 11.5 and 13. do you think that its better to buy a larger size to make sure it fits, or go with only a half size down that might fit a little bit snug?

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