Lyrical rap thread

it seems like most people nowadays are listening to rap with lackluster lyrics with niggas like Mac Miller, ASAP, Kid Ink, Meek Mill, Future etc... on the come diss to them or any other non lyrical niggas but this thread is for niggas going in just dope flow punchlines wordplay lyricism shit just all around dope clever lyrics [Embed content] obviously not all but just some of my personals favorites or what i could think of off the top of my head

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some rapping ass song i made

it's better than mystikal's new shit tbh someone sent me a beat and shit so i did some rapper shit and shit download for any nigger interested, i think the songs cool <--- tell your asian female friends blushing i gets my nigger on

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is drowning painful?

it seems like it wouldnt be but sometimes it hurts when you hold your breath too long under water so idk any of you niggers know anything bout it? i ask strictly for scientific purposes

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bow bow i made an EP niglets

[Image] beats/raps/art by me hey hey download my shit.........or not you can stream it here im just your friendly neighborhood nigger with a cape and tights on thanks

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Yoga fire

bars and some street fighter sample shit and YT link [Embed content] yah or nah?

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LoS 10 minute freestyle

WHY IS THIS NIGGA SO SLEPT ON!?!?! HE ONE OF THE BEST OUT this nigga shitted on everyone wtf

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some acapella shit

nigga im a goon ass nigga feelme? i just shitted on the whole rap game feelme? niggas gotta pee out they butts now pauls feelme? nah but fareal tho check my shit, tanks.

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its that ugly nigga nahmsayin?

ugly flacko nigga gang wud up doe

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oh shit HB i dun made a song

check a nigger out my voice is all fucked up but what you guys think

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you fucked up my account Vol -__________-

my name has been changed, post count gone, avi taken away, all PMs lost, and cant log in with my email, had to get a new password to find out username -_____________________________________________________________________________________________________________-

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