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Epic Flag Football Game

I went to a FLag football game and a boy was about to score a touch down but a kid was sprinting dammnnnn fast and fight when they boy who was about to score the touchdown the kid sprinting jumped and grabbed his flag right a second before he hit the end. That was freking epic

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I lost my ipod..... Im about to go on a long trip and I don't have anything

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Listen to his music its beast favorite song is Callin' by Jaicko Tell me what you guys think!

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For all the money in the world

If you have all the money in the world, what would [COLOR="Red"]YOU[/COLOR]do with it List the following thinks 1-5 1 being the first thing and 5th being the last thing Heres mine 1. Buying Microsoft 2. Buying a Nice house 3. Buying alot of Supreme shit 4. Buying/Making a TV show and creating a channel :D 5. Last but not least is buying UCLA, UCI, and Harvard

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