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The Mystery of Yves Saint Laurent (pour homme) in the UK / Europe?

So basically on the US website of Yves Saint Laurent the price of the cheapest shirt is approx 300usd, but I've heard that in the UK they sell a different kind of collection of polos and t-shirts under the name YSL pour homme, with regular polo shirts retailing for less than 50

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a problem with ebay

I tried to search for a previous thread about problems with trading on ebay, but didn't find anything so.. I recently ordered a few pairs of relatively expensive 2004 release GR nikes from Ireland and the second pair the seller shipped was the wrong size. I had confirmed the sizes previously on ebay messages and also wrote correct sizes on the paypal note,but now if I want the shoes in the correct size the seller is asking me to ship the wrong shoes back to Ireland. I seriously don't have the time to do that and I'm also not willing to risk any more funds with this transaction so I'm thinking of starting a paypal dispute and trying to get my money back through that. Is there a way of getting some or all of the funds back through ebay buyer protection or some other way? The seller is not really willing to co-operate, he just wants me to ship the shoes back to him. thanks in advance.

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Krew Bomber jacket fit?

How do the Krew Jim Greco G Bomber faux leather jackets fit? How's the sizing compared to H&M hoodies or something? [Image] I've heard they are pretty slim, even though advertised as regular fit jackets. I tried to find the measurements online, but didn't find a site that would carry those jackets anymore.

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Ronaldinho Dunkestos

[Image] Any new info on when these are going to drop and where to get them online?

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Pro Keds Royal Court Candy Series

[Image] What do you think of this new release? I'ma cop the black/blue colourway if I can get it shipped to Finland with reasonable pricing, even though it's sort of a cheap version of tiffs. EDIT: I just found out that Finishline has all of those, but too bad they don't ship outside USA. smh Could someone buy a pair of those in blue/black or the "Passion" (pastel multicolour) colourway sz. 12 and ship them to Finland? I can pay via paypal and I would be happy to do the deal through ebay too to make getting the adresses and everything right easily. With the 10$ off coupon that can be printed on their site the retail in store is 55usd.

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How to find a legit white Casio G-Shock?

I don't really know. That's why I'm making this thread in the first place. I've been searching ebay for a legit DW6900 or DW5600 in white. Most preferrably the type of plastic white that the Bape G-Shocks come in. That one isn't actually even white I guess. It looked rather translucent on some other pictures I've seen of that exact model/colour. [URL] [Image] But I would like the band to be plastic so that doesn't look so strong either. Is there an online store that has such a huge selection of legit G-Shocks that they might have some good ones in white in stock? or should I just be like "fuck it" and buy a bootleg bape g-shock for 25$. smh

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I'm looking for a new wallet, most preferably in genuine leather. It should have a proper zipper/button pocket for coins and still be slim enough to wear in jeans pocket. Something like this [URL] Or could that be legit? I don't really know much about the American retail prices of those. Where to get such wallet online? Any suggestions? My price range is like from 15 to 150 usd.

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Shrinking a pair of Evisu EU ED

I suppose this is a proper place for this question about a pair of Evisu European Editions I got. I don't really know if these are even selvedge, or at least raw selvedge since the front seemed a bit worn ever since they arrived on my doorstep, even though the seam looks looks like the seams on most selvedge pairs. The problem is that these happen to be like 2" too big for me all around so could it be possible to get them to shrink that much if I somehow soaked them or even threw them in the washing machine? Or should I just sell them and go find a smaller pair? [Image] I'm sorry if this is such a newbie question that it just begs for the "legendary" image of paco sport -looking jeans to be posted next.

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American Levi's Online Stores?

Do you happen to know any online-stores located in the states that would carry Levi's jeans? I am mostly looking for the skinny 511 in rigid or possibly some of the vintage models. I've found a few sites but none of them offers international shipping. I just wouldn't like to pay the ultimate rape price for the skinny 511, since they retail for the equivalent of 130usd in stores around here and the price in the states seems to be like 40usd smokeyface

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So what's the current take on that brand? Some of their stuff is straight up copying BBC, RMC, Supreme and so on, but they have this one hoody which I like quite a lot. [Image] Would it be totally wack to buy that? I was first thinking of purchasing the CLH skull glow in the dark hoody in black, but I don't really like the neon skull, since it really makes the already sort of crowded design too complex imo. And what's up with the general quality of items manufactured by Kanji Clothing?

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