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Got to personalize a white sweatshirt with 3 prints

Title says it all, I need suggestions as I already payed for the sweat. I can have one print in the front, one in the back and one in the arm. I'm into brand name desfiguration, florals, nebulas, blacknwhite contrasts, diamond mickey gloves, triangles, illuminati and religion related shit but I accept any other suggestions tks

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Buying Online, the Unknown Mysteries of Shipping

so yea... i've heard that appart from the shipping costs that you pay when doing your checkout after buying on a specific online website you're going to pay tons of money to get your shit if it comes somewhere outside of your continent. for example, I live in Portugal [europe] and want to buy some shiiz @ karmaloop , my friend told me that imma pay 300€ just so I can get two pairs of vans delivered by DHL? wow , im so confused and never felt so dumb.. this question also applies when buying in Ebay.com (.us) where I intended to buy a dslr camera :/ help.

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Where to get the Supreme x Nike Air Force 1 Low Premium

I'd give my soul for them&nbsp;<br><br>(if I had one)<br><br>.<br><br>where can Iz getzs dem?

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[HELP] I want to get into Photography ~ Which DSLR Camera shall I get? [HELP]

Hi, Title says it all? :b In the future I'm considering to be a journalist so having some experience within the photography world would surely help and that's why I want to start introducing myself now that I am 15 y.o. and I also loved to appreciate good photos and short films too so... The thing is that I can't spend much much money cuz' I'm not the one working for it, my parents are and I don't want to be toooo spoiled :-s so it should be an entry level DSLR camera preferably under 500$... I've investigated and it seems that Nikon is better for photography when Canon is better for cinematography but ofc opinions may diverge ;) I'm thinking to buy a Nikon D3200 but it's a bit over-priced for me... What do you guys recommend? Should I get the previous model, this is, the D3100 since it's cheaper or it would butt hurt you to buy something that you know it has already been upgraded? :-/ peace.&lt;3

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Brazilian Hip-hop with a lil’ Reggae flow in it.

just thought of sharing this music, hope u like it ;p i'll be creating other threads for other countries too * http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SdRpRIT0QI8

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