[WTB] Tokyo tourguide

yo tokyo folks! i'm travelling first time to tokyo next week. i've got only 9 days to spend here, so i thought it would be nice to have someone around who knows the spots. i know i can manage finding most of the shops by myself but there's always something more which is out of my reach cos i'm not local. i'm interested in japanese streetwear and toys just like an average member here. so i've planned to explore harajuku and the other shopping districts. it would be nice to hit some bmx, fixie and snowboard shops as well. if there's enough time some kind of clubbing experience would be also possible. just searching for a dude who knows something about those mentioned above and likes to hang out with new people. i'm from finland and speak fluent english so it would be nice if we could talk english no prob. i can provide a small reward for your effort, let's say 4000yen for a day. but this isn't just for the money, more like having fun with a new friend. if you feel like being a tourguide for couple of days just pm me and let's talk more! cheers

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[FS] Cheez x Dickies rare work shorts sz 30, Ice Cream jean shorts sz l

Sup HB, I'm selling some stuff that I don't wear anymore. ----------------------------------------------------------------- - Accepting paypal only - Prices don't include shipping - Offer to pm or this thread - Always 100% legit, I've got refs ----------------------------------------------------------------- Items: Cheez x Dickies low rise work shorts (sold out immediately at japanese webstore stless, very limited and sought after. selling due to too small size for me. additional info: [URL]) size: s (30") condition: 10/10 DS price: offer! [Image] thanks for lookin

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