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:: Official California Hand Sign ::

[Image] Like how LA has their infamous hand sign I decided to flip one for the entire state of California. You seen it here first at FlavorInnovator. The official CA hand sign. Fresh Coast Califas. CA all day! [b]More Details[/b]: [URL] .

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:: (VIDEO) Calligraphy process using Photoshop ::

Whattup folks! Steve from FlavorInnovator here. If you like Calligraphy, Photoshop, and Graffiti you will want to watch this. [B]vimeo.com/22432094[/B] What you think? .

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:: After Effects / Motion Graphics ::

Anyone here dabble in that arena? Who inspires you? My folks Stablabs.com and Buildestroy.com are on the up and up. I'm slowly starting to get into it. Just uploaded some test animation videos. [B]Flavorinnovator.com/blog[/B] Peace. .

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:: U Ain't HipHop print ::

Greetings fam-a-lam, Since I'm still new I can't post the image. Besides that I want to let you know about this [B]FREE POSTER GIVEAWAY[/B] in collabo with my crew Homegrown Blends. We are giving away a free print with your choice of colors. Learn more ... [B]Flavorinnovator.com/2011/02/16/new-prints-giveaway[/B] Bless. .

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:: A detailed look into the process of creating a Logo ::

Greetings folks, Wanted to share with ya'll my process of designing a logo from start to fin. This particular logo was for famed photographer Mark J. Sebastian from San Jose, CA. Let me know if you have any questions. Logo Process: [B]FlavorInnovator.com/blog[/B] [COLOR="White"].[/COLOR]

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:: Raw art. Pure Fundamentals. ::

Whattup good peoples, I'm feeling all the raw talent ya'll are posting here! Since I'm new to hypebeast I can't post up links to my portfolio. Ever wanted to know who designed for [B]Lyrics Born, Zion-i, Exact-Science[/B] and some of your favorite brands/artists? Interested in getting a [B]FREE LOGO[/B] design for your brand/yourself? More details on the site. [B]FlavorInnovator dot com[/B] Peace! .

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