You're a jerk

[URL] thought it deserved its own thread

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Meet the new Nikon D5000

[Image] [URL] Seems as if its the new entry level model to replace the D40/60. it has some good features that are certainly better than the D40/60 as well as some of the perks of the D90. Still no AF motor so there's no point in getting one of these instead upgrading to the D90. Discuss...

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Hard Gay Cooking

[URL] lulz

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Why do asians like saying nom nom?

I know this is a dumb thread but its a spur of the moment thing...

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The Horror Flick Thread

Whats your favorite horror movies? My favorites right now are probably 21 Days Later and The Evil Dead. Im about to watch this french one called Martyrs soon as well. I hate movies like the ring though which are just made to scare little kids...Discuss

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network adapters for the 360

i was going to get the official one but i dont want to pay 100 for that shit or go through the hassle of looking for a cheaper one. Will those 3rd party usb network adapters work? Because i know to use them on PCs or laptops you have to install drivers..

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I'm moving out..

In the next 2 months. I'm confident I can find somewhere to live until next semester when i can move on campus. My question is on cars and insurance though. Im planning on saving up some money in the next 2 months so i can finance a car. Im also taking a small student loan for classes during the summer and im going to use some of that money to make payments as well. I can affoard like a 200-250 dollar car payment each month but idk about insurance. Can anyone give me advice on insurance? I don't im going to have much money so probably something around 100-250 dollars a month will do good i suppose..

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Apparently hes mad because i called him a tool on not knowing how to use the internet I received this message from the said user just a few moments ago: "I would murder a fuk ass bitch like you if you ever talked to me like that in person" But i just have one thing to say [Image]

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Should i get a grill?

I might get one for shock value... 6 on 6

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I finally bought a 360..

I had some extra cash so i decided to buy one finally. I stopped playing video games about the same time as the 360 came out so i have no idea whats poppin in the video game world. I just want to play bioshock since i tried that at a friends house and i heard MGS4 is gonna be on the 360. But can someone recommend some good games. I like horror games, FPS and racing. I dont care if its old because i dont even know whats new lol. Preferably cheap that i can cop off the used rack

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Anyone watch this? I acquired it the other night and i must say it had its parts that were really dumb but was pretty entertaining and fun. Discuss.

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Send by email for review pop up

anyone else getting this? I get it on certain sites and it hangs my shit up for a minute or so. I googled but didnt find much shit..

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Ultra Music Festival 2009

A bit of the lineup has been announced. [URL] Definitely not missing it this year. Cant wait.

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The Official Old Thread Thread

This needs to be stickied so all the young bucks don't make the same fucking threads again. Everyone has done it from time to time though including myself. Fail Thread Hate List Post your bedroom Post your closet Add to the list NAO

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