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Illustrator/Design Artists wanted...

Hi, My name is Phil Jones and I manage a local independent hip-hop recording artist, Shawn Collins. We are looking for a designer, preferably fluent in Illustrator and streetwear fashion, to bring some of our ideas to life. Please feel free to contact me to discuss further details. I appreciate ya'll time. And ps - don't flame me for this but we are looking for some skeletal/skull stuff as one of the designs. How original right? [email]Gothamcity@tmo.blackberry.net[/email] [URL]

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Misfits Tee Story

[CENTER]I was at a local mall here in Ohio, and I saw a trendy street-wear kid, probably around 24 with Nike's on, rocking a Diamond Supply Misfits "grill" tee. [Image] - - walking toward our fellow Hypebeaster. As they got closer, they noticed one another's tee's, and for a moment, there looked to be a possible handshake, or exchange of compliments on the other's Tee's. However, the hypebeaster seemed to get nervous, or maybe the other guy smelled, because he quickly looked away and kept walking. The hot topic genetleman stood there, perplexed by the situation, and the T-Shirt he had just seen. I thought I would share. Thank you.[/CENTER]

2 Weeks ago in Brands