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[ ICD Clothing ] 2012 Brand introduction

In the second installment of the I AM ICD series, We would like to introduce The Dreamer. In the world of ICD the dreamers are united. Frequently, Dreamers are denied their potential by those who believe in the confines of reality.Together ICD and ICD clothing push the Dreamers of the world into the world of possibility. Without Dreamers the world would never soar. Without Dreamers your feet would never lift off the ground. Become a dreamer. [Embed content] With ICD's new collection we are inviting all Dreamers into our society, the Dreamers Society. We would like to introduce our letterman jackets, our introductory item of the Dreamers Society. [Image] The warrior, Kill-Kenny is the deepest thinker of the dreamers. His way of life is determined by his way of thought. He is determined to achieve all that his mind deems possible. The consummate dreamer; the consummate warrior; Kill-Kenny. All comments are welcome, for more information on the brand, please visit [URL]

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