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FS: Jordan 8 Bugs Bunny

[Quote]got pics for the 11's?/BIN price?

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everyday shoe

@cheapretrojordans what the fuck Vans authentics, white/grey air force mids and stealth foams

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Jordan 7 Raptor Sz 10

Tag your photos and I am interested.

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[FS] Size 10.5 Jordan Laker 6's. Only looking for $40.

pmed 10chars

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Vado & Gunplay.. also Army of the Pharoahs

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[FS] A Bathing Ape Snowboard Camo Jacket & Supreme Flannel

crazy jacket at an amazing price

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What are your top 3 favorite brands?

RalphLauren/10Deep/Diamond I try to keep a variety, e.g. my favorite brand for jeans is Orisue

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The Official Tattoo Thread

Got my first ink today, couple weeks is my 19th and I plan on putting a crown positioned on my shoulder right above it. My moms last name is Krol, which means king in polish. My sister did the drawing and a buddy from school elaborated a bit and did the tat. http://imageshack.us/photo/my-images/59/halifax2013011800225.jpg/

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[DIAMOND SUPPLY CO.] - 2013 Discussion Thread

As for collabs a button-up with OF would be a definite buy in the new year and a good company to do a couple pieces with IMO. As for the people writing novels just complaining about the past growth in this thread nowadays...it's supply and demand, clothing brands catch like gasoline in high schools nowadays. They probably like the brand for the same reasons you do. We're all posting on a site called Hypebeast no matter how you put it...it's like everyone is competing saying they were the first one to wear it.. they don't realize they look more childish than the new generation they're complaining about.

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[FS] ALL MY STREETWEAR – Diamond, BAPE, Rebel8, Blvck Scvle – Tees, Hoodies, RARE SHIT {Large and Me

Wish you still had that wiz x cassie How much for the Large cassie w/ shipping to Canada?

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Karmaloop duties/taxes

Slightly off topic but I'm pretty sure my pair of vans I ordered got lost in the mail...says they were shipped on the 27th of December and the tracking code they gave me is non-existent..either that or Karmaloop is just slackin hard. Called in and the customer service girl had no clue either said shed e-mail me withing the day, which didn't happen. Live in Scotia btw. ?)?)

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[Diamond Supply Co.] – 2012 Official Discussion Thread (READ FIRST POST)

Kinda rattled how I didn't get mine though checkout...at least I don't gotta worry about player t's+shipping+duties now

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[A Bathing Ape] - 2012 Official Dicussion Thread

http://halifax.kijiji.ca/c-buy-and-sell-clothing-mens-BRAND-NEW-HOODIES-W0QQAdIdZ407536126 tryna get a legit check on this, 3rd picture. look good to you guys? http://imageshack.us/photo/my-images/594/photo2uto.jpg/

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[Diamond Supply Co.] – 2012 Official Discussion Thread (READ FIRST POST)

[Quote] They seemed slim, I up sized and they fit perfect.

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[Diamond Supply Co.] – 2012 Official Discussion Thread (READ FIRST POST)

[Quote] Ahahaa with shipping and duties fees I wouldn't have bought them online...makes more sense to me considering I got charged 40$ in duties last time I ordered from the states. Hense why I said hard to find something here... C'mon Man

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