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Official NBA Discusion Thread

thoughts on the playoffs so far: the eastern conference is trash. i think the grizzlies would be the one seed because they are legitimately better than the pacers right now offensively and i can't see them losing a game to the hawks. i want the wizards to get to the conference finals just because i hate watching the bulls and indiana play. that spurs squad gets maybe 45 wins if we switch pop with vinny del negro. Patrick Beverley is awesome Love this Clippers team and would pick them over thunder unless KD is scoring 40 a night. the Thunder's second unit couldn't keep up with the Clippers' second unit whatsoever. the first game of the clips- warriors series was only lost cause of blake playing less than 20 minutes. the thunder are terribly coached, the same westbrook-durant pick and rolls and zero post ups. if granger + barnes can slow kd down they would win.

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Summer shorts

patterned shorts are pretty hard to pull off. they eliminate 90% of my wardrobe because they can only be rocked with blank t's/ sweaters or super neutral tones. i think it's best just to go with some less flashy ones with a better cut then that 2005 old navy below the knee shit. if u can pull em off tho than i guess thats kinda coo

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The Official Snapback Thread

i would not be caught dead rocking a snapback after september 2011. step up the hat game if you don't want to look like every suburban white high school wigger.

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[Supreme] 2014 Discussion thread - TROLLING/FLAMING/SELLING=BAN

if supreme released an exclusive collection that consisted of a box logo trilby, some Supreme x Skechers velcro shoes, and oversized box logo basketball shorts you all would be trying to trade your handkerchiefs with kanye's ball sweat for them.

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