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^ Nice Walther.. I've been looking into getting a hand gun myself but don't know where to start.

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Charlie Sheen: "I'm tired of pretending like I'm not special"

I wish I could afford as many prostitutes as that guy..

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College Discussion Thread.

Money/ High Salary isn't the only thing that makes life worth living. If the guy wants to live a give his life some meaning by working a job that may not pay much but helps a lot of people than that's what he should do.

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Bay Area, CA


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car for under 20k

genesis coupe

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Shocks/springs vs Coilovers

Depends on how much you have to spent. If it's in the $500-600 range you could either get a really good spring strut combo from a reputable company or a really crappy set of Chinese/Taiwanese coilovers where the damping rate between the left and right shock don't even match.

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D40: 2 years with kit lens, now what?

[Quote] Recommend! And if you have extra money to blow get the f/2.8 Nikkor

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Art School

besides meeting chicks I don't know what art school is good for.

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Two and a Half Men Cancelled....

I wish it does get cancelled... the ego on that guy...

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Favorite Gum?

need to try black black

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[Supreme] - 2011 Official Discussion Thread

[Quote] x2

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New Era Sites?

I get min es from lids

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