Suggestions for revenge on neighbors (serious)

I'm moving out in a month and I want to fuck with this cunt. My upstairs neighbor also happens to be my landlady. She knows me personally and still shows no common courtesy. Lately I've been working nights (12-16 hours a night, 6 nights a week) and she's well aware of this. Right now I'm trying to sleep but she's having carpet put in upstairs--extremely loud. She never gave me any warning of this and I've already texted her and reminded her that this is my only opportunity to sleep. Her only response was that we all have to be flexible sometimes and I should just chill. Needless to say I'm pretty fucking livid, because 12 hours of night construction is not pleasant when you haven't slept. Help me out fam, I need legit suggestions.

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Woke up to a text from my girl, vol. PREGNANT

Not gonna lie, I'm still hoping it turns out to be an April fool, but she's kept it going for 4 hours now and my stomach is in knots. She says she went to the hospital last night because of back pains from a recent car accident and found out she's 10 weeks along. I'm panicking right now HB fam.

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Washing backpacks?

Mine doesn't have any care instructions. It's got mesh and foam and shit. You think it's cool to just throw it in the washer?

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Can you fap to a dead chick?

Like Aaliyah, for example. She was hot af in her day, but could you still beat it to a pic or video of her know that the maggots probably finished her off years ago?

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How do I file a complaint about a professor? Serious question

All I can find are forms for discrimination claims and shit and I doubt that's my problem. I'm taking an online summer course and having serious technical issues with the site. I can never get in contact with tech support because I work during the day. This asshole professor won't reply to my emails and he's giving me zeroes that I don't deserve. Da fuck do I do?

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Sex on a Tempur-Pedic

Anybody ever try it? Seems like it would be tiring with no spring action.

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To all you NYC dudes who like hot news women...

I've had a legit crush on Narmeen Choudhury for a couple years and now she's headed to WPIX. I'll never forgive you bastards for this. [Image]

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Hell on Wheels

I wasn't so sure about the pilot, but I think the second episode got me hooked. I'm really pumped about this series now.

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Black Men and Long Fingernails

No troll, I've always wondered about this. It seems like the average black man has longer nails than the average white woman. What's the deal?

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The friend breakup

[URL] Anybody ever try this? I'm thinking I need to have this talk with a kid I know.

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New Era stickers

Just curious, how many people are still leaving the authenticity stickers on their fitteds? I'm too scared to take mine off, haha.

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