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[FEND] - 2013 Official Discussion Thread

Hey all, Wanted to introduce my newly launched streetwear clothing line called FEND ([URL]). Nope; it's not a rip off Fendi; it's named after my last name (James Fend). I've worked uberly hard on FEND and the website these past months and finally ready for the world... For now; I only have 13 snapback hats but am finalizing designs for a solid Spring line of tank tops and t-shirts to be released in a few weeks. My vision: To make real high-quality shit. I pay attention to the smallest of detail from the hat quality to embroidery to the price hangtags to the packaging to the website. I want everything about FEND to reek a legit no corners taken brand. When someone wears my shit; I want them to feel good and proud of the thought and work put behind that design and clothing. I also want to have a good mix of designs for streetwear; both aggressive and off the wall designs that may be a little too much for someone's taste and then also very subtle low-key clothing people can get down with too. (example: leopard prints and camo versus subtle things like all black designs) My logo: A red outburst star with my last name FEND in white. I also have a second logo; it's a red heart with two white bandages that cross across the middle to make an X. This heart logo symbolizes some personal pain with family I've had to deal with over the years, but I thought generally everybody can relate to it and it's emotional appeal. (it originally had KAWS style X's to it but I changed it with some great feedback I've gotten from you all). You will see a lot of red and black colors in my clothing as those are my absolute favorite colors. Here's some previews of my current hats: [Image] Zebra prints Would love to hear your feedback, your thoughts, etc. I'll answer any questions and also update this thread with any new gear and moves I make with FEND.

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